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Your Complete Bucket List For Costa Rica

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/6/19 9:15 AM

ILP Costa Rica

Spending a semester volunteering in Costa Rica? You will definitely have time to cross off every single one of these experiences.

Being able to live in a country rather than just visit for a week or so means you can get a slice of the local life. Of course, weekends and vacation time for ILP volunteers can be spent in the best vacay spots in this country (and nearby ones — hello, Nicaragua), but day-to-day life means you can experience things like a local.

Interested in seeing what life is really like in Costa Rica? 

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Something that some of our volunteers totally regret when they get home for their semester is how fast time went by ... even when they're there for a whole semester! When you first get to Costa Rica, you’ll think you have weeks and weeks to get everything done … then, all of the sudden, it’s time for you to pack up to go home. One way to avoid that regret? Creating a bucket list of everything you want to see, do, eat, and experience before it’s time to leave.

To get your started, here’s your bucket list for a semester in Costa Rica:

ILP Adventure

  • Try a classic Church Hill drink 
  • Buy (or bring) a hammock to hang out in
  • Figure out what Pura Vida means to you
  • See rescued sloths at a local sanctuary 

ILP Adventure

ILP Adventure

ILP Costa Rica

  • Ride bikes to the beach 
  • Soak in some natural hot springs
  • Climb trees to get your own coconuts (Or get some help) 
  • Visit the LDS temple in Costa Rica 
  • Catch the prettiest sunrise and sunset in the same day

ILP Adventure - Costa Rica

ILP Adventure

  • Walk on bridges suspended high above the jungle floor
  • Find a lizard crawling in your bedroom or kitchen 
  • Fall in love with everything about Manuel Antonio
  • Figure out how to say goodbye to the kids you teach! 

ILP Adventure

Think you're ready for a semester in Costa Rica? 

If you're into tropical jungles, stretches of beaches, and days teaching English to kids, sounds like you'd love to spend a humanitarian semester in this Central American country. Take a peek at where you could be living, more pictures of your adventures, and some other helpful info here: 

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