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You Gotta Visit The Tamul Waterfall in Mexico!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 1/15/18 9:27 AM

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In my opinion, Mexico is one of the most underrated places to travel to from the U.S. I get it...traveling across the world is more glamorous than taking a short flight down to Mexico, but if you don't want to have major life regrets, give Mexico a chance! Take advantage of it's hidden gems like the Tamul Waterfalls!

There are all kinds of hidden gems around the world you probably don't know about. They're not the common, most popular sites, but that's what makes them so cool! These are the sites that most locals visits and tourist miss out on. 

If you want to be more than a tourist, consider volunteering abroad with ILP (for a semester or even a year)! Text an ILP representative for more info


The Tamul Waterfall is one of the sites not many tourist take the time to visit, which is a shame because it is absolutely beautiful! The Tamul Waterfall is the tallest waterfall of San Luis Potosi, falling about 340 feet into a river below. The waterfall alone is gorgeous, but you add the turquoise water and it is to die for! Taking a dip in this river is a dream and you can't miss it.

If you want to visit (which is highly, highly recommended) keep these things in mind:

  • Best time of year to go
  • What to bring
  • How to get there
  • How to get the best view

Best time of year to go

The best time of year to go is during the low water season. Rainy season in Mexico is between July and August and it is much harder to visit then (so it works especially great for you fall and spring ILP volunteers). You will need to take a boat to get as close to the waterfall as you want and high water can make it harder. Try to avoid any holidays if you don't want to battle the crowds by the falls. 

TAmul suit.png

What to bring

It is a full day trip, so you will need to bring some food and water. You will also need a swimsuit, water shoes and a towel. I would also recommend some sunscreen and a hat if you burn easily! You will also want to bring your waterproof camera with you! You're gonna have some Instagram worthy shots (and who knows...you may even get featured on the ILP Instagram).

Tamul waterfalls.png

How to get there

To get to the falls, it's easiest if you go to the city of Tanchachin which is in the state of San Luis Potosi, just north of where our ILP volunteers live in the state of Hidalgo. It's just a 4-5 hour bus ride from the ILP volunteer's homes which makes it a perfect weekend adventure!  Psst...did you know bus tickets around Mexico are only a few dollars usually? Mexico is AMAZING for travel because it's so cheap and amazing places are just hours away!

From Tanchachin, it is about a two hour paddle boat ride upriver. You can hire a guide to take you up the river and back down while you're in Tanchachin (which is recommended). The guides can get a little pricey (make sure you ask around before accepting an offer), but it is worth it. To return, you will take a boat back again, but the return trip is only 45 minutes.

How to get the best view

To get the absolute best view, take a canoe right up to the falls. If you get a guide, you should already have a canoe that you took upstream. Make sure you have your waterproof camera ready because rowing up to the falls is something you will want to document! 

tamul canoe.jpg

Luckily for our ILP Mexico volunteers, the falls are not far from your school like we mentioned. Round up your ILP group head over on a weekend! Spend your vacation time going to further destinations and 

There's not much better than getting to spend a semester abroad in Mexico! You will get to explore the country, experience the culture and indulge in the food. There are also LDS temples in Mexico that a lot of ILP volunteers enjoy visiting. Click below for more info about Mexico!

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