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Visit This Costa Rican City For Beachy Vibes

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/21/18 3:39 PM

costa rica

Looking for beachy vibes? This is the city for you! With a golden beach and warm water we don't blame you if you never want to leave.

Costa Rica has no shortage of sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. We know there's a lot of places you're going to want to visit, make sure you add the dreamy city of Tamarindo to your list.

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If you volunteer in Cost Rica, Tamarindo is a quaint little city that is a perfect vacation spot during your semester abroad. Here's what you need to know about this gorgeous place!

  • Where Is Tamarindo?
  • What Can't I Miss While Visiting?
  • How Do I Get There?
  • What If I Never Want To Leave?

Where Is Tamarindo?

Tamarindo is on the Northern coast of Costa Rica, making it an easy vacation for  volunteers in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica! The city itself is pretty small and there isn't much there but the beach, but don't let that stop you - that's why people love Tamarindo.

Costa Rica

What Can't I Miss While Visiting?

You'll find plenty to do in Tamarindo. The city itself is pretty great and has a lot of things to see and places to eat. Here are a few.

Paddle Board

There are some great areas off the coast to paddle board in Tamarindo. You will be able to find multiple places that rent paddle boards in the city so you don't have to arrange it before you get there. Some will offer lessons (which get a little pricey!) and teach you how to paddle board, or you can rent and just go on your own for about a quarter of the price. You should be able to find boards for about $10, which is awesome and cheap if you split it between you and other people in your ILP group. Grab your board and go! 

Relax On The Beach

Obviously you're going to need some relaxation time. Lay out with that book you've been wanting to read and soak up the warm sun. Really, is there anything better than laying out on the beach ... especially if it's a beach like this one!? Make sure you catch the sunset!

volunteer in costa rica

Rent Bikes

Bike rentals are a great way to get around the city and see what cool hidden gems you can find. You can find rentals for about $15-$20 for the full day! This is also a quick way to bike into restaurants when you need a good snack

Turtle Expedition

If you are in Tamarindo between November and April you're there at the perfect time for turtle nesting. You can take a night tour to Las Baulas National Marine Park and watch the turtles lay their eggs. ILP volunteers did that during their semester in Mexico and have amazing things to say about it. 

How Do I Get There?

Tamarindo is a destination volunteers in Costa Rica and Nicaragua can get to. Buses will be your cheapest way to travel or you might consider taking a flight to the northern part of Costa Rica. 

explore costa rica

From San Jose, Costa Rica (Click here for more info!)

Cost: $10

Where to catch it? Aflaro Terminal at the Coca Cola Bus Station

Times: 11:30 am or 3:30 pm every day

How long does it take? About 6 hours

From Granada Nicaragua

Cost: $25-$35

How long does it take? There isn't a direct bus, sorry! All in all it will take about 9 hours and 45 minutes to get there. There are not super clear directions online, so talk to your coordinator in your city and see if they can help you out with finding the right route.

What If I Never Want To Leave?

We feel ya! You're going to take some pretty sweet vacations and do amazing things during your semester. Like this Zip Line in Costa Rica, or Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua. Even though the vacations are beautiful your heart will be in the city you volunteer in because the cute kids you teach are there! Enjoy those vacations and love your students because your semester will fly by wayyy too quick!

volunteer abroad

Costa Rica will quickly become home during your semester volunteering abroad ... that's one of the perks to volunteering for a semester rather than a quick trip. The people will become some of your dearest friends, the beaches will blow your mind, and the memories you make will be with you forever!

Click the button below to learn more about this amazing country and the opportunities you'll have to make a difference!

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