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Tips For An Organized And Clean Locker

Posted by Auvi Evans on 2/1/18 11:53 AM

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Looking for ways to stay more organized? Check out these simple things you can do to organize your locker and make school just a little easier.

Be smart with what you keep inside your locker and how you have things set up — It will make all the difference as you go between classes. Here are a few things you can start on as you begin to organize! 

Use A Whiteboard

Keep a magnetic whiteboard on the door of your locker. Use this to write yourself reminders, to-do lists, and more. This will also help cut back on loose papers and is a great place to write yourself little motivational notes and thoughts to keep you focused.

We suggest having mutli-colored markers to help you quickly read what's due for each class  and bright colors that make those inspirations quotes stand out. Use this whiteboard to remind yourself what's happening this week, projects to complete outside of school, and to help you remember that it's your friend's birthday on Tuesday. 

This one from Amazon is a good choice.


If your locker doesn't have a shelf inside this is a great place to start. Adding a shelf/divider can help you utilize your to its fullest extent. There are many different options for shelves but here are a few of our favorites. This one from Amazon is adjustable so you can change the height. 

You'll want a couple of shelves to help organize your things; preferably, have all of one subject's textbooks and notes and supplies in each section of the shelf, so you can easily figure out what supplies you need for each class. 

Magnetic Caddy 

Grab a magnetic caddy and stick it to the door of your locker. Throwing your pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, and paperclips in here will keep the little odds and ends things you have in one place. Then you don't have to dig through everything to find them.

In a pinch, you'll want to know where you have stored your extra pens and erasers and the caddy makes that simple. Here are a couple of suggestions: 

ILP Adventure

A Few Extras

Ways To Decorate

If your locker is decorated, you'll be more willing to use it and keep it organized. We love taping in pictures and quotes to help decorate your space and make it feel more like your personality. You might not have tons of room between the shelves and the white board, but having a few touches will make this metal box feel more personal.

I have a few suggestions on where to print pictures (for free) on this post. 


Snacks are a must-have while at school. Keep a little box in your locker to keep your snacks all together (maybe another caddy?) Be sure to pack this caddy with good go-to snacks that are healthy and filling and shelf-stable. Things like beef jerky sticks, dried fruit, fruit snacks, grab-and-go nut pouches are good options.

You might also want to store things like floss and gum in this space, too (just in case). Here are some of my favorite travel snacks that also work well for locker space. 

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