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Sculpt Your Own Marzipan In Tallinn, Estonia

Posted by Auvi Evans on 4/13/17, 6:53 PM

ILP Semester in Europe

Tallinn, Estonia is a city you HAVE to visit while in Europe, especially if you love marzipan. 

Lucky for ILP (International Language Programs) volunteers you can easily take a weekend trip to Estonia because you live in Europe. Fun, right?

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Now that you call one of the ILP European countries home, you can easily take a short trip to Estonia (maybe even a weekend trip, depending on where you are living) and visit the gorgeous, fairytale city that is Tallinn. Seriously, Tallinn is beautiful with lots and lots to do. 

And if you're into unique and tasty adventures, you have got to try marzipan sculpting. 

What is Marzipan?

I had never heard of Marzipan before living in Europe and once I tried it I became obsessed. Marzipan is has a soft, dough-like consistency with a very distinct flavor, thanks to an almond base (sweetened with honey or sugar). You can get original (which tastes like almonds) or you can buy it flavored.

This stuff is eaten by itself, it's made into candy bars and it's even covered in chocolate. Yum. It is also really popular in Europe to mold marzipan into shapes and paint it. It is really amazing to see what artist make with it. 

Like I said, it's pretty unique so if you don't love it, please send it my way!

First Off, Visit The Marzipan Museum

In Tallinn you can visit the Marzipan Museum and see some of that amazing art, all built out of marzipan. It really is incredible to think that this is made out of a candy (seriously, look at that amazing palace)! 

The museum is not huge,  but there are quite a few (big and small) sculptures that will blow your mind. Also, the museum entry is free which makes it even better!

The museum is easy to find in Old Town Tallinn. The address is: Pikk 40 

The hours are usually 10:00- 6:00 but check the website ahead of time to see if there are any changes.

ILP Adventure in Estonia

Sculpting Your Own Marzipan

The coolest part of the museum for me was being able to sculpt and paint my own marzipan. For 4 euros they will give you marzipan and all of the tools you need to make your own little figurine. It was really fun to make (but even more fun to eat it). Or you can keep the marzipan safe by stashing it into a little plastic holder ... I ended up eating mine (shock). 

Here are some of the creations we made... We can't all be artists!


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