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Hill Of 3 Crosses: Vilnius, Lithuania!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 7/8/15 9:00 AM


If you are planning a trip to Vilnius, Lithuania soon, make sure you add the Hill of 3 crosses to your Vilnius bucket list!

The Hill of 3 Crosses is a monument that sits on top Bleak Hill. The rumor is that seven Franciscan friars were beheaded on top of this hill (although this story is debated by some). The wooden crosses were the build around the 17th century and soon became a symbol of the city of Vilnius.


If you are one of the lucky ILP Lithuania volunteers, be sure to go to this monument at least once during your semester abroad. 

Not only will get get to see the historical and awesome monument (that makes for a great photo ops), you will also get an AMAZING view of Vilnius that you will never forget.



Not only will you get a beautiful view of own the newer, more modern city. You will also get an amazing view of Vilnius' Old Town and all the old fashioned red room buildings. The view alone is enough to make the hike (which is also a gorgeous hike through a forest of green trees) worth it! 


Don't miss it! You will regret it.


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