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Hey Lithuania! Can You Find The Uzupis Swing??

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/16/17, 12:01 PM

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Turns out Lithuania is a land of hidden gems…from donut cafes to secretly awesome thrift stores and the city of Vilnius has one more adventure -- can you find it?We love living in Lithuania for a ton of reasons (how could you not love a country where a cup of hot chocolate is actually a cup of melted chocolate?!) and we’ve got one more — The Uzupis Swing in Vilnius.

I mean, we all love the fabulous vacations to Greece and the Baltic Sea but this is a perfect weekend activity for your group.

Shelbi P. knows all about volunteering in Lithuania. She's spent two semesters there with ILP and finally found this swing after a few tries (go Shelbi!) and has shared her secrets of success. Here's what you need to know: 

  • So, What Bridge?
  • Beware of the Water!
  • Snap a Picture

So, What Bridge? 

It’s probably no surprise but Vilnius has more than one bridge (go figure). The one you are looking for is the bridge that’s between Vilnius and Uzupis. Oh, and don’t forget to visit Uzupis! It’s its own republic, with its own constitution, and a very cool artsy district….but enough about that, we have a hidden swing to find.

You want to find the bridge that is next to this Cathedral, called the "Cathedral of the Theotokos" and the Uzupis Kavine (a cafe).

Here’s a picture so you’ll know it when you see it (and an address in case that’s more helpful than a picture: Užupio gatvė 2, Vilnius 01200, Lithuania).

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Beware of the Water! 

Okay, that sounds WAY more serious than it needs to be. In Shelbi’s words, the swing can be “a bit treacherous to reach if the river is feeling mighty.”  There are steps next to cafe that (we think) someone put there to help you get down to the river.

 While you can probably go any time of year, but you will probably get your feet wet which means seriously freezing water if you are going in the winter time. Just be a little careful when crossing.

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Snap a Picture

….and post it straight to Instagram because you are sitting on a swing, under a bridge, in Lithuania! There’s also a little mermaid/water nymph hidden in the wall that you can see down by the river. And that's all there is to it— congrats on finding just another one of the little gems in this country.

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Don’t let your time in Vilnius slip away! After conquering the bridge swing, come see The Gates of Dawn, or eat your fill of these cheap and delicious candies, or cross more items off your Vilnius Bucket List! There’s loads to do in Lithuania…come see for yourself!

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