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Can I Volunteer With My Friend?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 3/24/17 5:04 PM

ILP Mexico

Yes! We love when friends decide to do this experience together. And depending on what country you are thinking of traveling to, you both could save some serious money by applying together. 

Who better to travel the world with than one of your friends? Think about taking vacations to Turkey to eat sticky ice cream or adventuring on top of the actual Great Wall of China together! Sounds dreamy…but expensive, right? Not with International Language Programs (ILP). We’ve got low cost volunteer programs all over the world and make things even better by giving a discount to you and your friend when you sign up to go together!.

Haven’t applied yet? Come fill out an application and get your passports ready!

  • What's The Discount?
  • Where Can We Go?
  • How Do I Get It? 
  • Anything Else I Should Know? 

What’s The Friend Discount? 

ILP has a refer-a-friend discount which is exactly what it sounds like. If you refer a friend to the program, you can get $300 dollars off your program fee…and they will also get $300 dollars off. Pretty sweet, right? We have a couple other qualifications you both have to meet if you keep reading. 

You can still get a discount if you tell others about the program, but you don't really want them to volunteer with you in your group (we get it). They don't have to go to the same group or even the same country as you - they just need to go the same semester as you.  This means you can spread the word on Facebook and you don't have to feel stuck volunteering with someone you're not really interested in traveling with.

ILP China

Where Can We Go? 

Right now, this discount applies to the Spring and Fall semesters in China, Mexico, Ukraine and Russia! Explore ancient temples in China, eat all the tacos in Mexico, and vacation in cities like London, Paris, Prague and Amsterdam while living in Eastern Europe. Just make sure who ever you bring with you is an excellent photographer (maybe brush up on these iPhone photography tips) because you are going to want them to take the coolest pictures of you in all these countries. 

ILP Ukraine

How Do I Get It? 

When your friend applies to volunteer with ILP, there’s a section called “Did A Friend Refer You?” — they need to put your name in that little box as they person who told them about ILP. Just make sure to let them know because this is how we track and get you qualified for the discount!

ILP Ukraine

Anything Else I Should Know? 

You could create a whole ILP group with just your friends if you wanted to - we have programs with only 4-5 volunteers meaning you guys could have an absolute blast together, taking weekend vacations to places like this in Mexico. Oh, and you can refer up to 3 friends and get a total of $900 off of your semester, as long as your friends are going the same semester as you and in one of those 4 countries.

ILP Mexico

Travel the world, all while saving money and hanging out with your friends in foreign countries. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Come visit our blog for more money saving tips and check out more about these 4 countries so you and your friends can get planning!

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