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Basic Lithuanian Phrases You Need To Know Before You Travel There!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 7/25/15 9:00 AM

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Are you visiting the beautiful country of Lithuania soon? While being fluent in Lithuanian may not be necessary, knowing some basic phrases can make your trip much smoother!  

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Whether you are just here for a quick trip or headed to volunteer in Lithuania with ILP, one of the most helpful things you will be able to do is learn a few key phrases to help you get around. You may run into a few English speakers while you're there (along with a few other languages ... Russian is one of the most common languages in Lithuania!), but it's alway nice to be able to find a few things in the local language. Here's a few tips to help you out:

  • Greetings 
  • Your Basics
  • Helping You Learn 


Hello: LABAS (lah-bahs)
Good morning: LABAS RYTAS (lah-bahs ree-tahs)
Good evening: LABAS VAKARAS (lah-bahs vah-kah-rahs)
Good Night: LABOS NAKTIES/LABANAKT: (lah-baws nahk-tyehs/lah-bah-nahkt)
Good Bye: VISO GERO (vee-saw gheh-raw)
Bye: VISO (vee-saw)

Your Basics 

Thank You: ACIU (ah-choo -- yes, like you are sneezing!)
Please: PRASAU (prah-show)
Sorry: ATSIPRASAU (ah-tsih-prah-shaoo)
Yes: TAIP (tuyp)
No: NE (na)

One: VIENAS (vienn - as) (Kinda of like "Vienna - as) 
Two: DU (doh) 
Three: TRYS (trees) 
Four: KETURI (pet-u-reh) 
Five: PENKI (penkay) 
Six: šEšI (shey-shey)
Seven: SEPTYNI (sept-teen-knee)
Eight: ASTUONI (ash-tony)
Nine: DEVYNI (dev-E-neh) 
Ten: DESIMT (dash-meet) 

I can't speak Lithuania well/fluently: NEKALBU [GERAI / LAISVAI] LIETUViSKAI (na-kahl-boo [gheh-ruy / luys-vuy] lyeh-tuh-vihsh-kuy)

Helping You Learn 

Hear The Language

This website has a list of your basic greetings, commands, numbers and other helpful and common phrases you'll probably run into. It has the word spelled out in English and then in Lithuanian, then has a little sound clip of someone saying the word so you can master your pronunciation. 

Get Some Practice

There are more than a few resources to help you out, including this app which helps you practice with flashcards, recordings by a native speaker, and quizzes to help you practice what you've learned. 

Memrise is another grand resource to help you learn what you want to focus on, whether that's mastering numbers, conversation, or want to dive deep into everyday Lithuanian. Each course gives you a little "timer icon" on the lower right hand corner to help you know how long the course is (ranging from a few minutes to a few hours) to map out your study sessions. 

Volunteer in Lithuania

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