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Attend An LDS Branch In Lithuania While Volunteering Abroad

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/30/18, 1:30 PM

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Lithuania has great opportunities for LDS volunteers to attend local branches. Here's what you need to know!

ILP isn't affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but many of our volunteers are members of that church, which means you can grab some of your ILP group and have people to go to church with if you'd like to. Lithuania has great branches you can attend and the people are so kind; you'll feel right at home. 

While volunteering in Lithuania there are two cities you can be assigned to: Vilnius and Kaunas. Both cities only have branches which means things may be smaller than what you are used to in the States.  Here's info about both cities and their branches! 


The Branches

There are two branches in Vilnius. One is held in Lithuanian and the other is in Russian —  lot of people who live in Lithuania are of Russian descent, so a large portion of the people who live there only know a bit of Lithuania, and speak mainly Russian.

You can choose to attend either one (but most volunteers attend the Lithuanian branch). Even though the meetings will be held in Lithuanian or Russian, there are typically missionaries there who can  translate for you so you know what's going on.

The people in the branch are super friendly and there are quite a few primary kids which makes things fun! Becoming friends with the members is the best and sometimes you are even invited over to their homes  for FHE or other activities. Go out of your way to be involved in the branch and attend the activities. You will love the people! 

Getting To Church

Getting to church takes some time, around an hour. The bus schedule on Sunday isn't as frequent, meaning you may need to take an earlier bus and hang out by the church instead of being able to arrive right on time.  

Past volunteers will leave information for your head teacher on how to get to church so that makes things easier on you. 

LDS Church in Lithuania


The Branch

This branch is so kind and welcoming (and is in Lithuanian)! Most Sundays they will have a dinner together afterwards (usually some sort of soup, salad, and bread). So be ready to stay for that and try some authentic Lithuanian food. 

The members will try their best to communicate with you. There may be more people who speak English than you would have thought and even if they don't speak a word of English they will come introduce themselves with a handshake. Do the same and say "Hi!" to everyone. There are always missionaries in the branch who can translate for you so you understand what is being said. 

Getting To Church

Getting to church in Kaunas also takes about an hour. There are multiple ways to get there but there is one tried and true way that most ILP volunteers use. Once you get to Lithuania you can find directions in the area book that are super detailed and get you there with easily. 

As you serve abroad in Lithuania you will be able to travel and see some pretty amazing sites- you can even visit LDS temples in Europe.  Interested in learning more about how you can make a difference in Lithuania, travel, and fall in love with the cute kids you teach?

Click the button below to learn more about Lithuania and what volunteering with ILP is like!

Discover Lithuania


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