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7 Ways To Study Your LDS Patriarchal Blessing

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/1/17, 7:28 AM

ILP Ukraine

You probably read through your blessing every so often but when’s the last time you actually studied it? Here I have this amazing road map that hints at all the great things I can accomplish…and I kept it underneath a few papers and my passport in my desk drawer.


I knew I wasn’t reading through my patriarchal blessing enough (let along studying it) but once I made the switch, I felt like I was reading things I’d never read before. These tips also came in handy a TON when I was volunteering in China with ILP. 

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in China is a little different and having my patriarchal blessing by my side was a huge boost when I needed it. (Check out the deal with the LDS church in China right here).

Studying my blessing helped give me direction while I was going to school, living abroad and just adjusting to changes in my life…which is exactly what it is supposed to do! If you feel like you need more motivation to pull out your patriarchal blessing, get a little more out of it, or need more ways to worship while living abroad, we’ve got you covered! Use these 7 tips to do just that:

  • Read It
  • Memorize It
  • Promises VS Blessings
  • Compare To the Scriptures
  • Look For Descriptions
  • Compare With Ancestor’s Blessings
  • Map Out Your Plan and God’s Plan 

Read It 

To get more out of these personalized paragraphs you need to read them consistently.  Read it first thing in the morning or while you are eating breakfast. Tuck it into your book bag and read it in between classes. Read it before ever opening Netflix.  Color code passages and look for key words to help you focus instead of just glazing over the words. 

ILP Lithuania

Memorize It 

I know, right? I never was very good at memorizing things during high school seminary classes but I want to do better. How nice would it be to just have a line of your patriarchal blessing pop into your head while riding the bus or walking through the grocery store? You can have that happen if you memorize it! Start slow; maybe just a few lines each week until you have the whole thing down pat.

Promises VS Blessings 

Your blessing is full of promises and blessings….and talents and gifts. While these pairs do go together, pulling them apart can be a unique way to study your personal blessing. Look up your talents in the Bible Dictionary. Compare your blessings to the ones in the scriptures. Who knows? You might have the same blessings and talents as your favorite prophet!

Vacation in Cambodia while living in Thailand with ILP

Compare To The Scriptures 

Are there lines that sound sorta of like scriptures? Or do you read your blessing and have a passage in the Bible pop into your head? Listen to those promptings. Compare your favorite scripture to your blessings and look for the similarities. Make your own footnotes and cross reference specific words or phrases to the same ones in the scriptures for added insight. 

Look For Descriptions

Pay attention to the descriptions of you!. After all, this is your patriarchal blessing. I like to write them all down in a list so I have somewhere where I can just read about God’s description of who I am (selfish, I know). 

ILP Thailand

Compare With Ancestor's Blessings 

Okay, this is really cool. You can request your ancestor’s patriarchal blessings and compare them to yours! Are there similar phrases? Comparable promises?  Word for word phrases? Find out more about your ancestors (and how much you are really like your great aunt Zola) by comparing blessings.

Map Out Your Plan and God's Plan

My plan and God’s plan sometimes are really different from each other. While your patriarchal blessing doesn’t let you know what job to take, the name of your spouse (if only!) and whether or not you should buy that dress in black or gray, it does give guidelines. Map out your general goals and life plans, then do the same thing but only use your blessing as a rubric.  How do they compare?

Hopefully studying your patriarchal blessings and these other tips to help grow your faith will come in handy, whether you are living at home, at school, or in Russia!

ILP Russia

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