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5 Things You Can Find Biking Through Amsterdam

Posted by Cherish Germaine on 12/15/16 1:01 PM

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Biking in Amsterdam is more than just a practical, enjoyable and healthy way to get around, it is a way of life. There are over 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam (that's more bikes than people)! As one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world, there is no better way to explore the city's streets, canals, and attractions than by biking. Don't miss out on seeing these top 5 things while biking through Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Even if you can only spend a couple hours exploring, riding a bike is essential to get the true Amsterdam experience. There are so many places around the city to rent a bike or take a guided a cycle tour, plus by biking around you can see more in one day, all while blending in with the locals.

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Make sure you check out these top 5 places when biking though Amesterdam: 

  • Visit Anne Frank's House
  • Come face to face with original Van Goghs
  • See the world-famous tulip fields 
  • Take your picture with the "I amsterdam" letters 
  • Escape from the city at The Begijnhof courtyard 

Grab your bike and lets go! 

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Visit Anne Frank's House

During WWII, after fleeing Germany because of persecution, Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis for two years at the Prinsengracht house. Today, the front of the house is a thought-provoking museum dedicated to showing the atrocities committed against the Jews during WWII. The back annex of the building has been preserved to help give visitors an idea of what life was like for Anne and her family as they hid from the Nazis. 

The wait can get long, so visit early in the morning or book online by clicking here to beat the lines. 

Come face to face with original Van Goghs

Vincent Van Gogh is from the Netherlands and no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without seeing the Museumplein. The Museumplein features more than 1000 of the Dutch impressionist's paintings, letters, and drawings. 

See the world-famous tulip fields 

Whenever people think of Dutch culture generally, clogs, windmills, and tulips come to mind. Well, a short bike ride outside of the city you can witness the world-famous tulip fields. The tulip fields stretch for miles in colorful rows. The only time to see them are in the spring, otherwise, the best place in Amsterdam to buy tulips are at the world's only floating flower market: Bloemenmarkt. 

Tulips in Amsterdam-2.jpg

Take your picture with the "I amsterdam" letters 

Ready for the best Instagram picture? Find the traveling I amsterdam letters that move around the city. Click here to find our where the letters are now.

Escape from the city at The Begijnhof courtyard 

Located in the heart of the city, The Begijnhof is one of Amsterdam's oldest courtyards. This courtyard is also one of the most tranquil places to escape the commotion of the city. This quaint medieval courtyard features historical buildings surrounding a central green. The discreet entrance via the Begijnensteed, off of the Kalverstraat is well worth the find. 

Begijnhof courtyard travel.jpg

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