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Who Is Who At ILP?

Posted by Emily Henkel on 3/3/18 4:11 PM

Volunteering with ILP

You already know that ILP is a pretty rad non-profit organization, right? (Well now, you do) … but who is who when it comes to the people behind ILP?

International Language Programs has been around for a while. I mean, we started up in 1992, so you can do the math. We got our start in Russia and now have countries all over the world and a lot has changed over all of those years, including all the people involved with ILP.

Have more questions about sending your volunteer abroad or going abroad yourself?
We have a guide called "ILP for parents" you might be interested in.

To help you know who is here to help through the application process, figuring out which country would be a good fit, answering questions about life in a different country and a thousand other things, here's a bit more about who's who at our organization. 

Who’s Who At ILP?

  • ILP Directors
  • ILP Representatives
  • Head Teachers
  • ILP Group

ILP Directors 

Jared H. and Steve B. are our program directors and all have experience volunteering abroad (actually, all have taken the chance to volunteer abroad in Russia funnily enough). They are also parents; Steve and Jared have had their own children complete multiple ILP semesters.
The ILP Directors manage the program from our headquarters in Orem, Utah. They manage the entire process from getting the word out about ILP's volunteer opportunities to making sure that you're taken care of during your semester abroad. They talk with every Head Teacher (we get to who a Head Teacher is later) about once a week about the group dynamic and stay very much involved through the semester to help resolve concerns and needs from the volunteers. The ILP directors even visit each ILP country each semester during mid-semester visits to help make sure things are running as expected.

Parents and volunteers are invited to reach out with questions or concerns — later on in the ILP process, volunteers are given the personal contact info for the ILP directors.  We want to make sure your questions are answered.      

ILP Representatives 

When you apply to the ILP program, you are put in contact with your own peer-aged ILP Representative, who works in our Utah office and has previous experience volunteering with ILP. Your ILP Rep helps answer questions about what living abroad is like, how ILP is keeping you safe, helps you through the process of applying, being accepted, and receiving your official volunteer assignment, and generally provides support for our volunteers (and their parents) throughout the whole ILP process.  
If you'd like to get in touch but aren't sure how to contact your ILP Rep, just reach out to the general ILP email or phone and we can direct you … or click right here. 

Head Teachers 

A Head Teacher is assigned to every ILP group as an on-site leader throughout the semester abroad. Head Teachers are peer-aged Americans, have lived abroad for at least four months as a previous ILP volunteer, and have experience teaching English with the ILP method.

A lot of what a HT does is behind the scenes, like working with local staff to clear up issues and talking with the ILP directors. Head Teachers will also travel with the group when possible; if the volunteer group splits to vacation in different cities, a Head Teacher can’t be in two places at once. 

Thinking you want to be a head teacher? Here's what you should know before you apply! 

ILP Europe

ILP Group

If you’re an ILP volunteer, this is where you come in! Each ILP semester is made up of college-aged volunteers from all different backgrounds, experiences and expectations which makes each group unique. Where you’re volunteering (what country and what school) has an impact on how many people are in each volunteer group.

Groups may range from four to 20 (or more people), but each group is sent with at least one Head Teacher. You’ll work very closely with your ILP group — you might be living together, plus you’ll be teaching together and traveling together. Fun! Lots of volunteers stay friends with their ILP group years after their ILP semester. 

ILP Nicaragua

Have more questions? 

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