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Visit The Charming City Of Prizren, Kosovo

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/10/19 4:08 PM

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Prizren, Kosovo is on of the most popular spots to visit in the country and we see why!

Kosovo is packed full of history and beauty that you just can't miss if you find yourself in that part of the world. Prizren specifically is full of winding roads to explore, old beautiful buildings with red clay roofs, and all nestled next to gorgeous mountains!

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Add Prizren to your must-visit list and follow our tips so you're ready for a great trip! 

What You Can't Miss

Hike to the fortress

The fortress is on top of a hill and offers the best view of the city. Climb up the steep hill for about 15 minutes and enjoy time at the top looking over the beautiful city. We'd recommend going at sunset for an even prettier view!

Getting to the fortress: It's pretty easy. Just follow the road past the Orthodox church on the hillside. You'll see a lot of signs pointing you in the right direction.

Visit the cathedral + other churches

On your way to the fortress stop at the Cathedral of Saint George. In 2004 the cathedral was set on fire but has since been restored. Because of the fire the cathedral is often guarded and may not be open to walk through. It's really unique and a nice place to relax and take some pictures as you pass by, even if you can't walk in.

Address: Marin Barleti, Prizren

There are a lot of other churches and mosques in Prizren as well. Check out these if you have more time:

Prizren, Kosovo

Explore Shadervan 

Shadervan is a popular area to explore in Prizren. The cobblestone streets and cute shops are the biggest draw when visiting. You'll find lots of permanent shops and restaurants in the area, as well as little markets and booths that are moved around and taken down easily. The town square in the area has a lot of restaurants to visit as well if you are looking for a good meal. 

Catch Dokufest

Dokufest is a huge and famous documentary festival which takes place in Prizren anually. The city is full of life and you can catch different documentaries, workshops, live musicians and, panel discussions around town. 

The festival is usually in August, so look up the dates to see if you can visit during that time. Here is their site to find more details. 

Walk the stone bridge

The stone bridge is a symbol of the city and a great place for photo ops. The bridge was destroyed by a flood and recently rebuilt in the 80's. When you're on the bridge look east and you can see the fortress on the hill.

Visit the market

Wednesday is market day and you can find lots of booths set up in the main square of the city. At the booths you will usually find handicrafts and small knick-knacks, which make perfect souvenirs! 

Walk around the city and explore

One of the best things you can do in Prizren is simply walk around and explore. There are a lot of hidden streets, beautiful sites, and yummy restaurants waiting for you to find them. 

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Where To Eat

Here are a few places you need to check out, find more delicious places here too.


Akdeniz has Turkish food and will become a new favorite stop for you! The chicken doner plate, mezze platters, and pide (a traditional Turkish pastry) are all things you can't go wrong with. The menu is huge and you'll likely find yourself wanting to go back over and over again to try new things. 

** Ask for the menu with pictures to make ordering easier. 

Address: Jusuf Gëvalla, Prizren 

Missini Sweets

Need something for your sweet tooth? Missini Sweets has a wide range of desserts that will be perfect. Make sure to try the Baklava, especially the pistachio walnut kind, and add a side of vanilla ice cream!

Address: Rruga Adem JashariPrizren 


The Aurora Bakery offers traditional Burek which is a phyllo dough pastry full of meats, cheese, spinach, and cabbage (or any combination of those things). Grab some drinkable yogurt while here and go back for seconds and thirds... We know you'll want to.

Address: right across the street from the Theranda hotel (Farkëtarët, Prizren)


Marashi is located in a quiet, cute garden and has affordable dishes. Their pasta starts at just 3 euros and their cooked peppers are delicious. Head here for a pleasant and relaxed stop with food that hits the spot.

Address: Vatra Shqiptare, Prizren

Where To Stay


Driza's House

Driza's House is a cozy little place where you will feel right at home. It's super close to the city center, has free wi-fi, and is clean. We'd definitely try to book it here!

Price: Dorms start are between $13-$16 a night.

Book here

Arra Hostel

This simple hostel offers all the necesseties and has beautiful views of the city! It has great reviews and people who have stayed there loved the atmosphere.

Price: Dorms are between $9-$11

Book here


City Center House

This cute Airbnb is simple but has what you'll need for a great stay. It is close to city center and a perfect place to stay with your group

Price: about $50 a night

Book here

Grey Dream House

This "dream house" is modern and sleek. It can sleep up to eight people, making it an easy place to stay with your group. 

Price: $115 a night

Book here

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