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The Cheapest Things To Buy In Thailand!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 4/15/16 9:00 AM

ILP Thailand

One of the best parts of visiting Thailand is shopping — especially since the prices are so low! 

Just so you know, you'll get way more shopping time if you're living in Thailand rather than just visiting! Come apply to the ILP Thailand program here, and do just that. 

You'll be able to find all sorts of things at the Thai markets, but there are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Elephant Pants 
  • Neck ties
  • Wood Carvings
  • Spa products
  • Decorations
  • Dried fruit
  • Curry paste powder

All of these products are extremely easy to find as they are EVERYWHERE! If you are in Chiang Mai, you'll be able to find all of these things at the weekend markets. 

Elephant Pants

The pants are the most comfortable things you will ever try on, plus they come in every color and print imaginable. You want neon? Leopard print? Floral print? You'll find it.  

Make sure you're not paying more than 150 Baht ($5) for these babies! If you bargain well, they really are one of the cheapest things to buy in Thailand. 

ILP Thailand

Neck Ties

Neck ties make for a great Christmas gift (especially for all you girls waiting for a missionary)! They are made out of Thai silk and come in beautiful colors. They also make for a souvenir you won't regret. 

Wood Carvings

Wood carvings are one souvenir I made sure to get — you'll see vendors carving an elephant statue right in front of your eyes, so there's a guarantee that the one you buy is hand carved. Depending on the type of wood, the carvings can be one of your more pricey (by pricey I mean less than $50 for a hand made carving!) items, but totally worth it! 

Spa Products

 The spa products are endless. You can buy handmade soup, coconut oil and tiger balm. Ever heard of tiger balm? If not, buy it and try it out. You can use it on chapped lips, mosquito bites, back pain, everything! It's cheap in Thailand, so load up.


There are beautiful decorations everywhere you turn in these markets. From paintings to hand crafted soap dishes to hand made picture frames, to gorgeous artwork, there is something for everyone. 

ILP Thailand

Dried Fruit

If you love fresh fruit, you will be in heaven in Thailand. The fruit is just that good. Make sure you grab a few (or 12) bags of different kinds of dried fruit. My favorite is mango, but they have every kind of fruit you can think of available. Your taste buds will thank you when you get home. Plus, a bag of dried fruit is less than a dollar! 

Curry Paste Powder

Love curry? Want to make it at home? Make sure you grab every kind of curry paste powder you need to before you leave. You can get it in the US, but it's just not the same!

These are a few of the  cheapest things to buy in Thailand, but there are so many other things you will find that are great deals. Just remember to not pay the first price they give you and use these bartering tips!  That's how you will get those great prices. 

ILP Thailand

Do you want to teach English in Thailand? Think about it — spending a few hours a day teaching a class of cuties, then having the rest of your day to sip smoothies and explore. Plus, you'll have every weekend off (and vacation days) to travel around Thailand or explore countries like Bali or Cambodia.

Click below to learn more about how you can become an ILP Thailand volunteer and serve abroad with ILP (International Language Programs)!

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