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The Best Websites And Apps For Learning A New Language

Posted by Auvi Evans on 11/11/17 11:41 AM


 Here are the best websites and apps to start learning a new language or even just brush up on that little bit of Spanish you learned in high school.

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Before you head off to a semester abroad, you might want to learn bit of the local language. You're not required to speak another language with ILP, but it does come in handy. Here are our top picks to make that easier. 

  • Duolingo
  • Busuu
  • Play & Learn Language
  • Memrise
  • Mondly

learn a new language


Duolingo is an awesome website that has over 20 language to choose from (and counting). You'll grasp the basic skills needed for the language and then build from there. You can find reading, listening, writing and speaking activities which will help you be really immersed in the language. Doing that mix of things will help it stick better and help your progress quickly. There are even quiz options that let you test what you know and help you review what you don't. 

You can set it up to receive daily reminders to study and it's FREE. Music to my ears.

Get it here on Android and here on Apple. 


Busuu.com helps you learn a language in just "10 minutes a day". With great activities to learn and retain grammar, quick lessons and opportunities to speak to natives, you can't go wrong. You can also download the app and then download each lesson so you can practice even when you don't have internet. Practicing on the go is awesome and hey if you have a 10+ hour flight to China ahead of you, you might as well fill the time. 

Get it here on Android and here on Apple, both for free. 


Play & Learn Languages

This app is full of great learning tools. You can take quizzes, record yourself to hear pronunciation, practice vocab, play games and more. The reviews are awesome and you can find some pretty obscure languages to learn or the basic ones ones like Spanish and Mandarin. Now, during your semester abroad in Mexico you can help your ILP group get around. 

Find a list of their languages and how to download the right app on their website. 


Memrise.com - if you want to learn vocabulary this is the place for you! With over 150 languages to choose from, they'll keep you busy forever.  This site uses interactive flashcards that include clever tricks and humor to help you memorize. And, you can download the app which makes learning on the go easy. 

Get it here on Android and here on Apple. 


Download this app to learn 30+ language. It has multiple activities to help keep what you are learning locked in your mind. It also has a great way to track what you are learning so you can see you progress.  An easy, simple app to use.

Get it here on Android and here on Apple. 

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