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Our 31-Day "Sketch Your Travels" Challenge

Posted by Emily Henkel on 8/27/18 2:05 PM

 ILP Thailand in Bali

Take a month and fill up a sketchbook with little doodles that will help you remember your entire semester.

ILP volunteers have quite a bit of down time. No matter what country you’re volunteering in, you will only be in the classroom or with your kids for 20 hours a week (or less). That means a few hours every day, plus weekends and vacation days to hang out, explore your country, work on an online class or make some memories.

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A couple of words to the wise: You think you’ll remember the little details about living abroad but unless you catch them in a video, on your phone, or write them down, they just slip away.

If you’re an artist or simply want to add a little creative edge to the journal you're keeping while you travel the world, we suggest taking this month-long art challenge to fill up a sketchbook full of those moments.

Our 31 Day Sketch Your Travels Challenge

Day 1 — today’s breakfast

Day 2 — what the weather is like outside

Day 3 — draw your favorite way to get around your city 

Day 4 — something in your apartment/house 

Day 5 — someone who makes you smile (maybe the guy at the empanada stand or someone in your ILP Group) 

Day 6 — what you’re wearing today 

Day 7 —  choose a word you’ve learned in the local language and draw it out 

Day 8 — your phone background 

Day 9 — something in your room 

Day 10 — doodle the shoes you wear the most here 

Day 11 — the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your city 

Day 12 — a mini picture of what the local currency looks like

Day 13 — the view out the closest windows 

Day 14 — what you’re wearing today

Day 15 — a new food you’ve tried

Day 16 — your favorite building, park, cafe, castle, etc. in your city

Day 17 — a map of your country and your favorite places

Day 18 — the school supply your kids love the most 

Day 19 — sketch out a few stats: what’s the temperature today? How many days until your next vacation? How many ice creams have you eaten this week? You know, things you’ll want to remember. 

Day 20 — illustrate your favorite ILP lesson you taught 

Day 21 — your favorite souvenir you’ve gotten here

Day 22  — the one thing you’re so grateful you packed  

Day 23 — something you miss from home 

Day 24 — the strangest food/fruit you’ve had so far

Day 25 — your favorite part about today

Day 26 — draw how you’re feeling right now

Day 27 — a favorite treat you like to get after teaching 

Day 28 — something quirky about your city or country 

Day 29 —  draw what’s currently in your backpack or suitcase

Day 30 — draw your favorite parts about your last vacation (Eiffel tower, croissants and a French flag) 

Day 31 — what you’ll miss most about living here

ILP Thailand

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