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Fundraise Thousands Of Dollars With A Bake Sale

Posted by Auvi Evans on 2/25/19 11:43 AM

Fundraiser Ideas
Excited for your semester with ILP, but a little nervous about coming up with the cash it takes to go abroad? A bake sale can help you fundraise your entire program fee — one ILP volunteer funded nearly her entire fee to do a semester abroad in Africa just by baking!
At ILP we try to make things as affordable as possible for our volunteers and keep your costs to a minimum. While the program is already a killer deal, it still can feel overwhelming at times to come up with everything you need.
Here's a big tip: fundraise! We have seen so many volunteers work hard to fundraise part or even their entire program fee. 

We have a couple of ideas for bake sales that have been seriously successful ... as in "paid for basically the whole program fee" kind of successful. 

Sell Cookie Dough = Earn Thousands 

ILP volunteer Grace L.  raised $5,000 over a month and a half, just by selling cookie dough! 

Luckily she shared what she did so that hopefully you can have similar success.

Here’s how she did it: Grace made batches of cookie dough and put them in tubs (each batch made 32 ounce tubs). She estimated that her cost per tub was about $4-6, and sold them for $25 each or two for $40. Everyone had the option of purchasing cookie dough or just making a donation.

Grace posted her fundraiser to Facebook and Instagram and reposted things over and over again to get the word out. She also made calls to people she knew, and her and her parents reached out to people at work and their church group.

Grace thinks she raised about $3,000 just in selling cookie dough and received around $2,000 in extra donations. 

Who would have thought that selling cookie dough could get you the money you need to go to Africa! We love that idea. 

ILP Adventure - Uganda

Try This Kind Of Bake Sale 

Ashley H. an ILP Europe volunteer created an Instagram account specifically to sell a bunch of baked goods. She sent out emails to get the word out.
"I rotated the goods that I sold each week; it switched between eclairs, cream puffs, chocolate chip cookies, chimney cakes, and cinnamon rolls . That way, people would want to buy things multiple different weeks and choose from different options rather than buying an item once and not wanting the same thing again. " 
She was able to raise over $700 in a few months, and also had luck with other fundraising ideas to help her earn some more money towards her program fee. 
ilp fundraising

A Few Fundraising Tips 

Make A Talent Or Passion Into A Money-Maker 

Are you an artist? Do you have a knack for organizing? Love to cook? Turn something you love into a way of fundraising. Get creative, brainstorm and write a list of everything you enjoy doing and see if you could turn that into a product or service you could offer and sell.

For example, you can do a lot with baking: making cookie dough and selling baked goods aren't your only two options. Consider teaching a hands on baking class and charging admission, holding a neighborhood bake sale (where others supply the baked goods), or putting together a recipe book of your favorite recipes. 

Spread The Word

Let everyone and anyone know about your fundraiser. It can be weird asking for donations, but just remember your end goal and how beneficial your semester will be to those you are serving. Also, know that friends and family usually want to support you if they are able to. 

Set Smart Prices 

You'll always want to have the option just to add a donation, or add an extra donation. With Ashley's fundraiser, she suggests pricing items in odd amounts like $12 or $17 so people give you $15 or $20 and tell you to keep the change. Those extra dollars add up! 

It might take some time to feel like you're making progress with your fundraising, but that's okay! Keep working hard and you will see success! Remember, anything you come up with is so, so helpful as you prepare for your semester.

ILP Uganda

Need more fundraising help to get you to Africa?
Test out these ideas and try out a few more to help make sure you can fundraise what you need to spend a semester volunteering in Africa! We have tips especially for our Africa volunteers here: 

 Help Me Afford  A Semester In Africa

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