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Get To Know You Games To Play With Your ILP Group At The Airport

Posted by Auvi Evans on 8/29/17 8:38 AM

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You will be seeing a lot of your ILP group when you volunteer with International Language Programs (ILP). Whether you are teaching in China, volunteering with one of ILP's humanitarian programs, vacationing in Russia or in any of ILP's other countries, you'll meet some cool people in your group.

Even though you're about to spend every single day of the next 4 months with these people, you're probably going to meet them for the first time at the airport before your international flight! How crazy is that? You said you were in for an adventure didn't you?

So use these little games to help break the ice. You'll be friends with your group in no time and bonus - it will pass the time during those airport layovers.

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  • Never Have I Ever
  • Time Hop
  • Two Truths And A Lie
  • Twenty Questions
  • Mad Libs
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Never Have I Ever

This one is super simple, can be played everywhere and is a great way to learn about people in your group and the cool things they have done. 

Gather your group around and have everyone put up 10 fingers. Someone starts and says something they've never done (e.g. "I've never been snowboarding." ). If you have  been snowboarding you would put a finger down. It moves on to the next person who then says something they have never done (and keeps going around throughout the circle). Keep going until only one person has a finger up.

Time Hop

Gather your loose change for this one. Check the date on the coin and share a story from what you were doing that year. It's really cool to compare where you were in life and see if you have similar stories to share. 

Two Truths And A Lie

Classic, but good. You will be surprised at some of the random things you'll learn about your group while playing this one. 

Everyone in the group chooses to share three things about themselves. Two of them are true and one is a lie. The group has to talk and come to a joint decision on which is the lie, then the person who shared reveals what is true and what is not. Be ready for funny stories.

Twenty Questions

Use 20 questions to figure out what someone's favorite things are. If you are trying to figure out what Jeff's favorite food is, take turns in your group and ask him questions about his favorite. You get 20 questions to narrow it down!

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Mad Libs

Have you ever played Mad Libs? It's basically a fill-in-the-blank game you played in elementary school, but is still really fun. It's a unique way to get to know people and their sense of humors and personalities. 

Make your own Mad Libs by writing a short story but leaving some blank spaces. On those blank spaces write what it needs to be filled in with (noun,adjective, verb etc:). Pass the story to someone else in the group who will fill in the blanks (without reading the story!) then read it out loud.  


The point of this game is to see if you can find something that everyone in the group has in common. Be specific and try not to use physical characteristics like, we're all over 5ft tall or we all have dark hair.

The group sizes can vary on this one but try to get around 5 or 6 people in a group. Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and start talking. If you have enough people you can make two or more groups and battle to see which group comes up with their answer quickest.

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