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Free LDS Wallpapers For Your Phone

Posted by Auvi Evans on 8/30/17, 7:15 PM

phone background

Use these free LDS (and other) phone wallpapers to get a little boost every time you look at it!

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Here are a few we made for you to enjoy! 

lds volunteers



lds wallpaper

lds volunteers



Sooo, how do I use the picture as a background?

1) If you're on your computer right click the picture and click "save as" to your desktop. If you are on your phone just screenshot the picture (and skip to step 3!)

2) Email the picture to yourself, open the email on your phone and screenshot or save the picture to your images. 

3) On your iPhone go to your settings>wallpaper>choose a new wallpaper. If you don't have an iPhone, you'll also go to your settings but the steps here might be slightly different.

4) Choose the picture you want. Here you can adjust the picture to how you want it to fit your screen, you can zoom in or out and drag up and down

5) Enjoy! You can change your lock screen and wallpaper to be the same or have different pictures for both. 

Where do I find more?

For more backgrounds Pinterest is an awesome place to look. Search things like "LDS quotes" "LDS phone wallpapers" or "LDS phone backgrounds.

Lds.org can also be a good place. You can search their image section for keywords which will bring up great pictures to use for backgrounds.

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