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10 Must Try Treats in Thailand!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 12/8/17 10:02 AM


If you've ever had authentic Thai food, you know how good it is. Thinking about the curries and noodle dishes is enough to make my mouth water! If you can believe it, there is one thing better than Thai food...Thai desserts and treats!

Thailand has so many different dishes and desserts you HAVE to try. If you're only visiting for a short time, you won't get the true blue Thai food experience. The food is one of the major perks about volunteering in Thailand for a semester. You have plenty of time to try all the famous dishes AND the local's favorites you don't even know about. It's something you really just can't miss out on!

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Many Thai treats are known for having sweet syrups, fresh fruit, coconut cream and sweet rice. If you know where to look, you can also find other unusual treats you didn't know you needed in your life...until now. Luckily for you, food in one of the cheapest things to buy in Thailand! Check out these 10 treats that need to be on your Thai food bucket list!

  • Colored Mango Sticky Rice
  • Roti
  • Banana Leaf Sticky Rice
  • Fried Banana With Roasted Rice
  • Fresh Coconut Ice Cream
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies
  • Ice Hot Cocoa Drinks
  • Glass Noodles Dessert
  • Bamboo Sticky Rice
  • Chocolate bread

Colored Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is an obvious dessert you have to get if you visit Thailand. It's the most famous one and for good reason. It consists of sweet sticky rice, fresh mango and sweet coconut sauce on top! If you go certain places (or make it yourself at a Thai cooking class), you can get the sticky rice in all different colors!



Roti is a favorite among ILP Thailand volunteers. You can get it in any small town or even on the beaches in Southern Thailand! Roti is a fried pancake topped with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, sugar and any other toppings you want (peanut butter, Nutella, fruit, etc). Roti is made right in front of you and addicting! Guaranteed getting roti is a weekly outing for your ILP group! 


Banana Leaf Sticky Rice

Banana leaf sticky rice is made from coconut milk, sugar and sweet black beans. It's candied in a banana leaf until you're ready to eat! Word of caution...don't eat the leaf. I know this one doesn't sound as good as the others, but you're just gonna have to trust me on this.

Fried Banana with Roasted Rice

You're probably at least a little familiar with fried bananas, but fry them with roasted rice and they're on a whole new level! They are made with a super rip banana (so super sweet) wrapped it in roasted rice and coconut and then deep fry it. Cue the mouth watering.

Fresh Coconut Ice Cream

If you like coconut, this is your ice cream. The make the ice cream with fresh coconut chunks and coconut milk. To top it off, you can get it served in a coconut shell that you can scrape some coconut meat off if you'd like. You can also get it served in a cone if that's more your style. Make sure you add getting coconut ice cream to your weekend itinerary for Bangkok!

ice cream.jpg

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Thailand makes smoothies like no one else does. They are fresher than fresh and so good. You can chose what fruit you want (you can do one single fruit or combine them...my personal favorite is pineapple/apple) and they blend it up right in front of you. The best part? For a big smoothie, you'll be paying less than $1! It's a good thing you'll have a full semester in Thailand to get your fill of these things!


Iced Cocoa Drinks

The iced cocoa drinks in Thailand are so refreshing. If you're not super into fruit smoothies or just needs something different, go for the iced cocoa. Warning, the iced cocoa drinks can be a little bitter. 

Glass Noodles Desserts

Who doesn't love some good glass noodles? Most people probably wouldn't think of them as desserts, but they should. They are soaked in coconut milk until you're ready to eat them. Like mango sticky rice, you can find different colors of glass noodles if you'd like.

Bamboo Sticky Rice

Bamboo sticky rice is sweetened with black beans and coconut syrup and slow roasted in a bamboo stick. Once it's done roasting, you will have to cut open the bamboo stick (they will most likely do this for you) and scrape out the sticky rice. 

Chocolate bread

Chocolate bread can be found in a lot of drink shops and is a light snack. It's a piece of toasted bread with sugar and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Simple, but so good. You can also request other toppings as well! 

Thai desserts are not like any other and are extremely addicting. Make sure you bring some stretchy pants because once you start eating these treats, it's hard to stop!

ILP Thailand

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