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10 Ideas For Teaching Games With ILP

Posted by Auvi Evans on 9/18/16 2:09 PM


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Having trouble coming up with lesson plan ideas while you teach English overseas with ILP? If you are teaching 'Games' this week, we've got you covered.

While volunteering abroad with ILP you'll be planning lessons in a few different areas — One area you'll teach is Games. Head's up, teaching English with ILP is a lot different than traditional teaching; the ILP method is designed to be fun for the kids (and hopefully you too)! You can get creative and come up with your own games or tweak existing games you already know. Here are some quick ideas to help you out!

  • Uno
  • Bingo
  • Straw Races
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Hot, Cold
  • Pin The Tail On The Donkey
  • Button, Button
  • Board Games
  • Matching Games
  • Dominos


You can't go wrong with classic UNO! Play the original rules or simplify it by taking out the action cards and just match the numbers or colors. Other simple card games are great too like Go Fish or Old Maid. Adapt this game to fit the ILP method by adding in special rules like if you play a red card you have to put on a red hat or if you play a +2 everyone has to clap twice. Remember to keep the kids talking!

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Make your own bingo board using numbers or make it fun by drawing out pictures. The kids can't contain their excitement when they get a Bingo (its basically the cutest thing ever!). 

Straw Races

Find some small objects like pom-pom balls, beads, balls of paper or pieces of candy. Give each kid a straw and have races to see who can blow their object across the finish line first! 

Bean Bag Toss

Grab the bean bags (or balls) and set up various targets to hit. Break it up in teams or do it individually. Make things harder by varying the size of the targets. 

Hot and Cold

Take turns having a kid hide something in the classroom while the others close their eyes. Have the kid who hid it lead the others to the hidden object  by saying "Hot" if they are close and "Cold" if they are far from it. 

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Taking you all the way back to your friend's second grade birthday party, games like  Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pin the Petal on the Flower, Pin the eyes, ears, mouth and nose on the face, etc.

Get creative and listen to kids and their cute little giggles as they pin everything to the wrong place. In order to adapt this to the ILP method, pin more than one thing! Someone could pin a tail, another person could pin this eyes, another person could pin his ears, and on and on. See what crazy donkey you come up with. 

Button, Button

Button, button, who has the button? Have the kids sit in a circle with their hands behind their backs and their eyes close. Someone walks around the outside of the circle and secretly gives someone the button. Once the button has been places have the kids guess around to see who has it. This game only has their attention for so long, so maybe use this as a backup for any other lesson you have that ends too early.

Board Games

Play classic simple board games like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders if you have them in your supply room at the school. If not, draw out your own board games, which will get them excited to be playing something brand new. Board games are especially better for the older kids. 

Matching Games

Another game you can make yourself or use the cards you have. Lay out the cards and take turn flipping two over to try and make a match. Younger kids LOVE finding a match.


Break into teams and see who can build the tallest towers or give each kid five Dominos and go around the circle connecting dominos and making matches. Make a row of Dominoes without tipping them over — the options are really endless with this one. 

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