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Things To Do In Your Haitian Neighborhood

Posted by Emily Cummings on 3/23/18 1:24 PM

ILP Haiti

When you’re not teaching or playing with your cute kiddos, here’s how our ILP volunteers spend their free time.

If you’re not too familiar with the Humanitarian program in Haiti we have lots of information (actually a whole guide to answer your questions here) … but in a nutshell, our volunteers have the lucky experience of living in the orphanage with their sweet students.

There aren’t huge shopping malls and movie theaters around your cutie neighborhood in Haiti, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do! In fact, because there aren’t ritzy shopping malls around, you’ll really get a glimpse into Haitian life and find even more ways to make a difference. Here’s what our ILP Haiti volunteers love doing around their neighborhood:

  • Go On A Hike 
  • Get Coconuts 
  • Meet Your Neighbors 
  • Cheer At A Soccer Game 
  • Start A Service Project 
  • Check out The Flea Market 
  • Play With Your Kids 

Go On A Hike 

Your neighborhood is right on the foothills of some green, gorgeous mountains — I'm sure you’ll see enough of them during the unreal sunsets you can admire from your balcony at home, but why not see this view up close? Grab your hiking shoes, water and a camera for an impromptu jungle photoshoot with your ILP group. 

ILP Haiti

Get Coconuts 

Sure, you could buy fresh coconuts on the beach on the weekend, or you can grab a neighbor (or your ILP local coordinator) and chop some coconuts right off the tree for yourself. This is something you’ll miss terribly when you get back home to the United States, that I can promise — who else gets to sip fresh coconut juice whenever they want? 

ILP Haiti volunteer

Meet Your Neighbors 

You’ll be living and teaching in the local orphanage, but some classes will be taught to some of the kids in the neighborhood … which makes for the perfect chance for you to get to know your students better outside of class. Take a walk on the streets and see if you can spot any of your students. As a tip: bring your Polaroid camera with you! You never know when you could make a difference with a single picture.

Haiti-Haiti-0038 (1).jpg

Cheer At A Soccer Game 

Every night, the guys in the neighborhood play soccer at a field across from where you’ll live, and honestly, it’s so fun to go watch and just hang out … or join in if you can keep up (they're pretty serious about their soccer). May of the neighborhood kids know that the ILP volunteers are often hanging out there so they like to come be with you -- it's another great way to spend time with your cutie neighbors. 


Start A Service Project

The Fall 2017 group wanted to do a bit more to help their neighbors — they raised almost $2,000 from friends and family at home and used that money to buy things like rice, beans, fish and spaghetti to make food kits for some of their student’s families. Some of the money was also used to buy paint and this ILP group spent a few days painting homes and delivering these food kits. If you look around, you’ll find lots of ways to serve. 


Check Out The Flea Market 

Around town, there’s an impromptu flea market where you can buy fruits you’ve never heard of (anyone want a sugar apple?) and pick up a few random knickknacks to bring home for family and friends. 

Play With Your Kids 

You’d think spending a few hours teaching your classes would be enough time with your kiddos, but it isn’t nearly enough; outside of class, ILP teachers get to hang out with their students, get to know them better, show them the latest Snapchat filters and have some pretty impressive dance parties.

I mean, just take a peek at some of the students in Haiti and you’ll understand why you wanna just hangout with these guys in and out of the Haitian orphanage! 


If that wasn’t enough to convince you to come to Haiti, come take a peek at what our current volunteers are up to on the ILP Instagram account — and get more pictures of what living and volunteering in the Caribbean could look like, right here: 

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