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The Port-au-Prince, Haiti LDS Temple Is Now Open!

Posted by Auvi Evans on 10/1/19 10:19 AM

LDS Haiti Temple

The Port-au-Prince temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints was recently dedicated which means you and your ILP group can now visit when you volunteer in Haiti!

In April 2015 the Church announced that a temple would be built in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Ground was broken in October 2017, and just over two years later, in September 2019 the temple was completed and dedicated for use. 

The temple is officially open for church members to attend (as of September 10th, 2019) and being the first temple in Haiti, it's safe to say the 23,000 members in Haiti are extremely excited and happy about this beautiful temple coming to fruition.

The dedication was beautiful and Elder Bednar conducted. He had some beautiful thoughts to share, this being one of my favorites:

“The house of the Lord is the place where members receive the highest and most important ordinances and covenants. They produce changes in individuals. [They] change communities, nations, starting with individuals. In these ordinances, the power of divinity is manifested, strengthens people, gives them a vision of who they are and why we are here; it gives them hope. That is the reason why, throughout the earth, the Lord reveals that temples must be built.”

It will be amazing to see how the temple impacts Haiti and its people! Here is more information about the dedication, put out by the church.

LDS Temple Haiti

ILP Volunteers Went Back To Haiti To See It + Brought The Kids With Them

Summer S. and Madi E. are a couple past ILP volunteers who absolutely loved their semester in Haiti and the kids they taught there. After some talk, they booked a last minute trip back to Haiti for a visit.

Haiti is a really unique program. ILP volunteers here get to have experience of actually living on the orphanage grounds with many of the kids that they teach. That gives you the opportunity to spend so much time outside of the normal volunteers hours, having more one-on-one time with the orphans here. It's like a huge family at the orphanage! Another unique aspect to the program in Haiti is that the orphanage coordinator is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, so if you want to attend church with him and many of the kids in the orphanage, you're welcome to.

Summer and Madi had the really cool dream of being able to take the kids from the orphanage with them to the temple, and they also wanted to bring supplies to donate to the orphanage. So before going they organized a fundraiser! They were able to raise enough funds to take back to the kids and the school.

Summer said it was an amazing experience and shared how they were also able to take the kids to the temple open house. She said:

"We knew the Haiti Temple open house would be going while we were there so we talked to Fritzner, the orphanage director, about the possibility of us going and being able to take the kids since it would be such a unique opportunity. He agreed that it would be a great experience and arranged for all of us to go one of the days we were there. So we crammed all of us in his van and went to Port-au-Prince and it took about 3 hours one way to get there. It was honestly kind of a long and exhausting trip for everyone, especially since some of the kids had never traveled that far before, but it was so worth it."
"After we got there we were able to do a tour of the temple with everyone. It's a really small temple so it only took us around 15 minutes but it was so beautiful! All of the kids thought it was so pretty and nice and some of the older kids talked about the spirit they felt inside. They also all commented on how cold it was (thanks to the fully functioning A.C. which they're not used to haha) which was really funny. "
"Fritzner works really hard to provide what he can for the kids. He has a really strong testimony of the church and knows that it can bless the kids lives in the same ways that it has blessed his. They're really lucky to have him and we're so thankful for him too because we care so much about him and the kids!"
Por-au-Prince Haiti Temple
LDS Temple Dedication


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