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Your "Must Do" List For Voronezh, Russia

Posted by Auvi Evans on 4/29/18, 6:37 AM

veronezh russia

Are you lucky enough to spend a semester teaching English in the cute city of Voronezh, Russia? Here's what you need to do while living here. 

While volunteering with International Language Programs (ILP) you'll have the opportunity to travel and see some pretty amazing places. But, don't forget to explore your own city! You'll definitely stumble upon rad things if you take the time to explore. 

Excited to serve abroad but are a little tight on money? Here's how you can pay less for a semester abroad! 

Grab your ILP group and get going. Here are a few "must sees" and "must do's"  as you volunteer abroad in Russia! 

What Should I Do In Voronezh?

  • Take Pictures With Statues
  • Visit The Cathedrals
  • Picnic in Alyye Parusa
  • Hang Out At This Indoor Carnival 
  • See An Opera or Ballet
  • Eat Pelmeni At This Restaurant

Take Pictures With Statues

Voronezh is full of unique statues. Kind of random, but you definitely need to check them out as you are walking around the city. Here's info on a few and there are a lot more spread throughout Voronezh. We particularly recommend making this into a little learning moment; so many of these statues commemorate influential people and events that have shaped Russia to be what it is today ... figure out which statues to visit and read up on the history before visiting. 

Oh, there is also a replica of Peter the Great's ship you can find in Voronezh. It's a part of a specialty museum called the Ship-Museum Goto Predestinatsia

Here's the address - Admiralteyskaya Square, Voronezh, Russia 

 ILP Adventure

ILP Russia

Visit The Cathedrals

Voronezh is full of beautiful, old cathedrals. Visit as many as you can! You will be blown away by the unique paintings, architecture, and history these buildings contain. Some of the must sees are:

  • Cathedral of the Annunciation
  • Vvedenskiy Temple
  • Tikhvino-Onufriyevskaya Church

It's not a cathedral, but the St. Alexey of Akatov Women's Monastery is also a stunning place to visit; be sure to look up at the painted fresco ceilings ... they are amazing! 

ILP Voronezh

ILP Russia

See An Opera Or Ballet

The State Opera And Ballet Theater is a must! Visit their website to see what shows they have playing and make sure you get tickets in advance for decent seats (they tend to sell out very quickly). 

There's nothing quite as magical as a Russian ballet ... and hey, you can understand it even if you don't speak Russian! It is an amazing experience and great look into Russian culture.

Here's the address: Lenina Square, 7, Voronez, Voronezhskaya oblast', Russia, 394018 

ILP Russia

Picnic In Alyye Parusa

Alyye Parusa is a gorgeous park perfect for a picnic and nice walk. You can walk the paths, play on the awesome wooden playground, grab an ice cream at the snack booths, take paddle boats on the pond, play arcade games, people watch, and of course bring a picnic! This park is huge and there is seriously a ton to do.

ilp russia

Hang Out At This Indoor Carnival 

The City Grad is a huge mall with an indoor carnival — it's just outside of town, and is easily reached by bus. It'll take about an hour, but it is well worth it, even if you just visit once! All ILP volunteers have Saturdays and Sundays off, so this would make for a fun weekend adventure. From  Minskaya, just take bus 34 all the way there. Easy. 

Eat Pelmeni At This Restaurant

Pelmeni (or dumplings) is one of the most popular Russian dishes out there. It will become a favorite food of yours during your semester. The Pelmen-bar Olen is a restaurant you CAN'T miss while in Voronezh. Seriously. 

They offer tons of different fillings in the Pelmeni and you're going to want to try them all. You can get them filled with potato, pork, chicken, and more for savory versions, or stuffed with cherry, cream cheese, other fruits, etc. if you're in the mood for something sweater.  Oh, and it's only about $3 a plate. 

Here's the address: Komissarzhevskoi St., 8, Voronezh

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A semester in Russia will give you the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the kids you teach- oh, and they're the cutest kids around! 

Click the button below to learn more about what your semester could be like as you teach and travel with ILP!

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