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Vacation To All The Places On The Back Of Your Chinese Yuan

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/10/17 1:46 PM

ILP ChinaChinese money is so colorful and pretty, especially the super cool scenes on the back of each yuan (their cash), which is excellent news because……you can see all the pretty pretty places  in real life if you plan your vacations right!If you’re living in China, you have some difficult decisions ahead of you….This country is so huge, and so gorgeous and has so many places you can vacation. Tough choices, right volunteers?

Don’t have plans to live here as an LP volunteer yet? Not a problem: Get an idea of what your life in China would be like with this free guide!

Seriously though, it will be hard for you to decide where to vacation during your ILP semester because there's so many options, trust me. But if you love how very pretty the Chinese yuan (or Renminbi) is, maybe think about seeing these sites in real life!

  • Beijing
  • Lhasa
  • Guilin
  • Central China
  • Shandong Province
  • Hangzhou 


You’ve probably heard of this city, right? There is tons to do here — seeing the Great Wall, finding these hidden gems, and of course, all the shopping — but don’t forget to squeeze in a visit to Tian’anmen Square….just west of this historic site is the Great Hall of the People where you can get your 100 Yuan note picture! 

ILP China


The 50 yuan note’s building (The Potala Palace) is in Tibet, which *technically* isn’t considered China, and has some visa restrictions. While you can’t visit this hot spot during your semester with ILP, you may be able to plan your own amazing adventure after your semester ends. 

See China with ILP


Oh how we love you, Guilin. This city (and Yangshuo) is probably the one spot all our volunteers love the best….and for good reason — it’s gorgeous! Don’t miss your 20 pound note picture right on the Li River (after sipping some mango smoothies of course).  Your trusty Yangshuo guides can help you find this photo op and a few others in this pretty, pretty city. 

ILP China

Central China 

Head to the Yangtze River’s Three Gorges to snap a picture of the 10 yuan note and the Kui Gate. It’s the site of the world’s largest dam and is oh so picturesque. There’s tons of history tied to this river, so maybe hink about doing a river cruise to really soak up the scenery here (and get plenty of pictures). 
 Live in China with ILP

Shandong Province 

Hey hey, volunteers living up in Weihei! Mount Tai is one of the vacation spots that is just next door to you (and is the mountain on the 5 yuan note). You can get a little more info about Mount Tai and other fav. vacation spots near Weihei right here.
 ILP China


This dreamy lake is a very popular tourist attraction all sorts of tourists (especially people from other places in China) so I’d suggest visiting on a school holiday, instead of a national holiday…it gets crowded! But even on busy days at the lake, you can find a break in the crowd to snap this picture. 

Volunteer in China with ILP

Inspired to see as much of China as possible? Uh, yes please! Get details on favorite vacation spots and tips about what to see, eat and do in this country all on our blog. And for more info about actually volunteering here, click that button:

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