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A Guide To Milan, Italy

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/11/19 4:31 PM

I don't really know anyone who has never dreamed a little about exploring Italy. Or if you're like me ... dreamed A LOT about exploring Italy — and Milan was on the top of my list.

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How To Travel From Weihai, China To The Best Vacation Spots

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/1/18 4:27 PM

If you're spending a semester in Weihai, China this info will help you plan your vacations without stress! 

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How To Get A Chinese Visa To Visit Your Volunteer

Posted by Auvi Evans on 11/20/18 12:02 PM

Hoping to meet up with your volunteer and vacation with them while they're in China? Here's the info you need to apply for a Chinese visa!

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How To Start Off Your Vacation To The Thai Islands

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/10/18 1:11 PM

The southern part of Thailand is hands down the best place to see those Instagram-famous beaches, but with so many islands to choose from, you’ll want some help planning your trip. 

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Avoiding Taxi Scams

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/7/18 1:34 PM

Especially when you’re a budget traveler and every little bit counts, you want to make sure you’re not being over charged! 

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The Best Editing Apps For Making Videos On Your Phone

Posted by Abbey Krzymowski on 11/1/18 11:21 AM

Having the time of your life and want to document all of your favorite moments in a video? If you're like us you probably need a little help getting started. We've made a list of all our top phone apps for making videos! 

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The Most Helpful Apps You Need Before Going To China

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/22/18 11:00 AM

Headed to China? These apps will make your life so much easier. 

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Traveling During Low Seasons: Good Or Bad?

Posted by Auvi Evans on 10/19/18 3:50 PM

Most travelers make vacation plans for the "high season" which means they're getting the best weather, but there's actually some great benefits that come with "low season"! We'll fill you in on the good and the bad so you can get planning your dream trip abroad. 

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How To Get Cheap Flights in Europe!

Posted by Auvi Evans on 10/15/18 4:06 PM

Most of our ILP volunteers tend to be traveling on a budget (sound familiar?). So, how in the world do they afford to go on all of those awesome ILP vacations, especially in Europe? The trick is that you can actually find some really amazing deals on flights there — just use these travel tips. 

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How To Get A Russian Visa

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/6/18 4:56 PM

As a part of your ILP program fee, your Russian visa is covered! Which is a big relief for any volunteer interested in volunteering in Russia. But if your family wants to visit (or you're looking to revisit your semester!)  you need to know how to get a Russian visa. 

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