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All The Insider Tips For Visiting Bangkok, Thailand

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/26/19 11:17 AM

Bangkok is just one of those vibrant, bustling, and absolutely captivating cities that you should see at least once. And if you’re living in Thailand for a semester as an ILP volunteer, you really should visit a few times. 

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Taking A Day Trip To Chichen Itza, Mexico

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/21/19 3:57 PM

Our volunteers in Mexico have the chance to spend some of their vacation time experiencing a World Wonder. Not bad, right? 

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Lagos, Portugal Is By Far The Prettiest Place To Vacation

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/20/19 10:21 AM

Pictures from Lagos will convince you to see this country, ASAP. 

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Be Brave And Visit Chernobyl in Ukraine

Posted by Abbey Krzymowski on 1/17/19 6:20 PM

Do you love ghost stories? Scary movies? Eerie places? Then Chernobyl, Ukraine is a place you cannot miss. Never heard of it? Buckle up — here's everything you need to know about visiting this deserted city. 

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Hang Out At Dudu, The Dominican's Blue Lagoon

Posted by Jen King on 1/17/19 6:11 PM

Yeah, it's honestly named Dudu, which probably isn't what you would you expect from the dreamiest, bluest swimming spot in the Dominican Republic.  

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Topics: Travel Destinations, Dominican Republic

Why Querétaro Mexico Is Your Go-To City

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/17/19 6:04 PM

We know you’re all about the jungle adventures and sunny beaches on your semester in Mexico, but hear me out — the city of Querétaro has what you need (and it’s just a short bus ride away). 

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Topics: Mexico, Travel Destinations

Read This Before Planning Your Trip To Zhangjiajie!

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/17/19 5:29 PM

The Avatar Mountains are a must see while in China, but you are going to be pretty lost if you don’t understand this simple thing. 

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A Guide To Milan, Italy

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/11/19 4:31 PM

I don't really know anyone who has never dreamed a little about exploring Italy. Or if you're like me ... dreamed A LOT about exploring Italy — and Milan was on the top of my list.

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Topics: Travel Tips, Travel Destinations, Poland, Lithuania

Your Go To Guide For Tallinn, Estonia

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/11/19 4:08 PM

Estonia isn't at the top of everyone's bucketlist destinations, but we're here to change that! Tallinn, Estonia will steal your heart  you just HAVE to visit while in Europe. 

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Adventure Awaits you in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/4/19 4:08 PM

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a total dream .... Here are a few of the top things you absolutely have to do when visiting.  

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