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Apps That Make Budgeting Super Easy

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/21/17 8:02 AM

Afraid to look at your bank account, let alone plan a budget? Yep, me too. Good thing technology has made the whole budgeting thing super easy. No matter what you’re earning and spending, here’s how to make budgeting a piece of cake.

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Topics: Saving Money

How I Afford To Travel

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/8/17 11:36 AM

If you spend your lunch breaks checking flights to Europe and counting the empty pages in your passport, you need these tips. 

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Topics: Travel Tips, Saving Money

You Gotta Do This Grocery Store Challenge At Least Once

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/3/17 4:34 PM

It sounds weird but it’s crazy fun. All you need is a bit of money, a foreign country and a grocery store. Oh, and these tips. 


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Topics: Travel Tips, Life Abroad, Saving Money

How To Make A Postcard Travel Journal

Posted by Auvi Evans on 6/2/17 11:28 AM

While traveling abroad you usually don't have a ton of room in your suitcase. Also, while traveling abroad you want to bring home cool souvenirs. Well, those two things don't usually work great together... Don't worry we've got you covered with an idea that will save you suitcase room and still help you remember the amazing things you saw while abroad.

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Topics: Travel Tips, Saving Money

Everyday Ways To Save Money

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/21/17 8:45 AM

Looking for ways to save money? Join the club. Good thing there are tiny little ways to cut down on your spending so you have a little more cash for college — or maybe an international adventure?

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Topics: Student Hacks, Saving Money

Fly from Lithuania to London for Around $20

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/19/17 12:03 PM

And Sweden and England and France and Germany and Norway and Spain….Do we need to keep going? Turns out flying doesn’t have to be expensive — especially if you are living in Lithuania.

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Topics: Travel Tips, Lithuania, Saving Money

10 Free Things To Do In Odessa, Ukraine

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/10/17 9:30 AM

We love Ukraine. We love Odessa. And we especially love saving money. If you’re like us, you will also love this list of completely free things to do in this fabulous city!

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Topics: Ukraine, Travel Destinations, Saving Money

Try Restaurant Fundraising!

Posted by Jen King on 5/8/17 1:40 PM

Looking for ways to fundraise your semester abroad? There's lots of different ways and so you just need to find what works for you...here's another option to check out!

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Saving Money

Food Substitutions For Everyday Ingredients

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/1/17 9:14 AM

You're grabbing all the ingredients to make the recipe you've been craving and you're ready to go! Until you realize you're short on butter... you don't have an egg or you can't get a can of Cream of Chicken while you're doing a semester abroad in Europe or China. Don't worry there are tons of  substitutions and other things that can be used instead!

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Topics: Student Hacks, Saving Money

The Cheapest Places To Visit In Europe

Posted by Auvi Evans on 4/21/17 10:03 AM

Once you get to Europe, travel within Europe and places to stay can be really affordable ( we must be doing something wrong, America!). But, there are some countries that are much cheaper than others. If you're on a budget, you have to be really strategic about where you decide to travel to.

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