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Spend Less Money At The Grocery Store With These Tips

Posted by Emily Cummings on 3/25/18 10:43 AM

I’d rather my money go towards something like backpacking Europe instead of at the grocery store … if that sounds like you, you need these money-saving grocery tips for travelers.

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3 Bank Cards With No International ATM Fees

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 3/22/18 10:08 AM

Trips abroad can be expensive (worth it), but why make it more expensive than it needs to be? Some banks, credit unions and credit cards offer ATM cards that don't have any international fees and some charge CRAZY fees just to access your cash (which would you rather have?)!

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10 Free (Or Super Cheap) Things To Do In Vilnius, Lithuania

Posted by Auvi Evans on 3/17/18 8:27 AM

Vilnius, Lithuania is full of things to do, but did you know that so many of those things are totally free?  Exploring Europe tends to be expensive, so if you're on a budget listen up and make the most of your experience in Lithuania.

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The Best Free Scanner Apps For Your Phone

Posted by Auvi Evans on 3/13/18 4:26 PM

Did you know you don't need to go to the library to scan a document? You can just do it with your phone! Use these apps while traveling, at school, or for any other need you have.

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Topics: Student Hacks, Saving Money

6 Free Games To Play With Friends On Your Phone

Posted by Auvi Evans on 3/9/18 3:04 PM

Play these free games anywhere in the world with friends for a guaranteed good time! Watch out your competitive side will come out!

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Hey, Mexico Volunteers! Know How To Book A Cheap Flight To Vacay In Costa Rica

Posted by Emily Cummings on 3/1/18 3:44 PM

ILP Central America

Planning a semester abroad in Mexico? Well, it’s never too late to start thinking about all the rad ILP vacations you can take, like maybe in the dreamy city of San Jose, Costa Rica?

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Topics: Travel Tips, Mexico, Saving Money, Costa Rica

How To Decorate Your Apartment If You Love To Travel

Posted by Auvi Evans on 2/26/18 6:54 AM

Surround yourself with things that remind you of your travels and things that inspire you to travel more. Here's how to decorate your apartment to keep that adventure and excitement of traveling alive! 

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Topics: Saving Money, Finding Your Best Self

Want To Save Money This Month?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 2/21/18 11:06 AM

Maybe it’s a New Years Resolution or maybe you’re saving up for some cool trip like backpacking Europe. Whatever the case, these tips can help you out this month.

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How To Download Netflix Shows So You Can Watch Offline

Posted by Auvi Evans on 2/17/18 1:54 PM

Did you know you can download Netflix shows and movies to your phone so that you can watch them without data or wifi? It's true! This is a lifesaver on international flights!

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Topics: Travel Tips, Saving Money

Get Cheap Flights In Mexico With These Airlines

Posted by Emily Cummings on 2/14/18 4:46 PM

Hey, hey Mexico! If you haven’t heard the news, ILP volunteers can now go out-of-country on their vacations … get the best deals with these budget airlines.

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Topics: Travel Tips, Mexico, Saving Money

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