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Try This Quick Cheap Flight Hack For Your European Vacation

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/17/17 5:25 PM

Sometimes the only thing in your way of a new adventure is money. Don't let that stop you! There are tons of ways to find cheap flights or discounts -  I'm all about that! This hack is a quick way to find great deals, I use it to daydream and plan trips too much now-a-days. Check it out!

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Top 4 Things To Do In St. Petersburg, Russia

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/16/17 6:15 PM

Lucky Russia volunteers! You and your ILP group have the opportunity to travel to St. Petersburg during your semester living abroad with International Language Programs (ILP)! With rich history and beautiful things to see, you're smart to visit! When you're there, here are some things you've just gotta do! 

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Travel The World With Your Spouse!

Posted by Jen King on 6/27/17 4:04 AM

Looking for memorable adventures with your spouse? We checked in with Joe and Ivy Wilson who have been living abroad, volunteering, and traveling the world for the better part of a year to see how they did it.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid While Backpacking Europe

Posted by Jen King on 6/19/17 12:00 PM

Is it just me or is everyone traveling to Europe right now? I don't blame them! If you've got a trip abroad to Europe in your plans, check out my tips to help make the most of your adventure abroad.

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Topics: Ukraine, Russia, Travel Tips, Lithuania, Romania, Poland

A Weekend In Latvia

Posted by Auvi Evans on 6/16/17 10:33 AM

Latvia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe for your vacation as you backpack Europe.

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Bringing An Instrument On Your ILP Semester

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/11/17 11:01 AM

So you’ll probably need to leave your piano at home (sorry) but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your guitar, ukulele, saxophone, violin, etc. while you live abroad! We’ve talked to alumni who have done just that to give you a little more info about bringing along an instrument when you travel. 

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The Statues You Need To See in Voronezh, Russia

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/25/17 10:04 AM

If you just got assigned for your semester abroad in Russia with ILP and you found out you're going to be living in Voronezh, congrats! You'll get to experience true Russia living the culture there. See if you can find all these unique spots around Voronezh while you volunteer in Russia

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What ILP Countries Can Married Couples Volunteer In?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/24/17 12:41 PM

ILP isn’t just for when you’re single — we have countries all over that you can volunteer in with your spouse! We even have one country where the both of you go for the price of just one person — score.

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Should You Buy Your Warm Clothes At Home Or In Eastern Europe?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/23/17 10:00 AM

So it gets cold in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania. Really cold during some months, if you didn’t know. With the weather being freezing,  should you pack all your winter gear with you or just plan on buying it once you are there? We’ve the answers you are looking for.

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Come Visit All The Disneylands Abroad With ILP

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/15/17 4:12 PM

Love Disney? Love to travel? Want to see all of the Disney parks while you travel? We thought so — learn all about where the Disney parks are and how you can see them all with ILP!

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Topics: Ukraine, Russia, China, Lithuania, Travel Destinations, Thailand, Romania, Hidden Gems, Poland

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