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Should I Bring My Laptop Abroad?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/11/18 10:44 AM

You’re almost all set to spend a semester volunteering, but have this one nagging question — is it a good idea to bring your laptop abroad?

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Life Abroad

30 Of The Hardest Things All ILP Volunteers Should Know Before Living Abroad

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/6/18 9:50 AM

Before you run off for your semester abroad with ILP, you’ve gotta know that there are 30 things that will be hard, hard, hard about your semester.

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Topics: Life Abroad, Finding Your Best Self

What I Learned From Not Speaking The Language While Traveling

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/18/17 10:07 AM

Once you're abroad you will quickly realize differences between where you're from and where your new home will be for for the next semester. The people act different, the food is different, the scenery is different and of course the language will be different. Don't get me wrong, not speaking the language of the country you are living in can bring up some challenges and funny stories, but you can also learn a lot!

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Topics: Life Abroad, Making a Difference, Finding Your Best Self

The Best Places To Get Swimsuits Year-Round For Your Semester Abroad

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/12/17 2:52 PM

Here are the best places to buy swimsuits anytime of the year. Because you can't volunteer in The D.R. or Mexico without a swimsuit!

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Life Abroad

What You Should Know Before Living In The DR For The First Time 

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/11/17 9:22 AM

The Dominican Republic is home to some of the cutest kids around and also one of ILP's humanitarian programs! You will have many unique opportunities volunteering in the DR and will seriously love this beautiful country.  Here are a few things everyone should know if they are going to live in the DR for the first time!
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Topics: Life Abroad, Benefits of Volunteering, Dominican Republic

Our Chill Travel Playlist For Your Next Flight

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/2/17 10:45 AM


Getting ready for a train ride, bus ride or flight? Lucky you because you're going somewhere exciting! Unfortunately those long trips can be a bit ... long! Having things to do is key and music can be super helpful to help pass the time  —come check out this playlist we made, just for you.

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Travel Tips, Life Abroad, Finding Your Best Self

8 Things You Should Know Before Your First Trip To China

Posted by Auvi Evans on 11/23/17 11:05 AM

China is one of my favorite places in the world! But, if we're being honest it was quite the adjustment compared to traveling to Europe or anywhere else I had ever been.

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Topics: China, Life Abroad

What To Do In Europe When It's Snowing

Posted by Auvi Evans on 11/22/17 11:01 AM

Europe is a magical place as is but there's something just beautiful about Europe in the winter, soak it in and don't get discouraged if it's feeling pretty cold! Whether you are staying warm inside or outside exploring the freshly fallen snow there is tons to do. Here's a quick list!

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Topics: Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Life Abroad, Romania, Poland

What’s A Typical Day Like For An ILP Volunteer?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/21/17 11:54 AM

If you’re thinking about volunteering abroad with International Language Programs you're probably thinking, "What would I be doing every day?" We gotcha covered.

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Topics: ILP Basics, Life Abroad

How To Adjust to Another Culture's Food

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 11/18/17 1:51 PM

Traveling abroad is one of the coolest things you can do. You get to experience new cultures, meet new people and try new foods. While trying new foods is fun, when you're living in a foreign country for an extended period of time it can also be one of the biggest challenges because you're giving up the comfort of your familiar meals. Learning to adjust to the new food is key to making your experience more enjoyable.

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Topics: Travel Tips, Life Abroad

Exploring The World For Over 25 Years

Over the years of assisting more than 6,000 volunteers in their desire to travel and make a difference in the lives of others, ILP has seen what works and what doesn't.

We've gathered our tips here for making your semester abroad a successful one.


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