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The Top Most Helpful Posts For Volunteers Going To Russia

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/11/17 11:49 AM

ILP Russia

Headed to this Eastern European country for a semester abroad? Learn allllll about what life will be like in Russia with these blog posts — the more you learn about your country now, the more you will love it once you live there.

Calling anyone who wants to volunteer as an English teacher in Russia! You’ve got an amazing semester ahead of you … to help you out, we’ve scoured the ILP blog to find the most helpful posts to give you a little more info about your new country and to help you get excited to actually live there. 

Pst - We want to help your semester be awesome — that’s why we put together this list and wrote this free ebook about how ILP keeps an eye out for its volunteers.

We’ve got all these blog posts broken up into categories about Russia. There’s obviously way more to know about your semester and your country (you can find other posts about vacations and other good stuff on our blog and of course can do your own research) but here are a few to get you started: 

Live In Russia Tips

You’ll get to learn all about the Russian superstitions, their culture and more when  you’re actually living there, but here are some blog posts to help you stay warm, talk with the locals, get around big cities (looking at you, volunteers living in Moscow!), plus few facts about your country: 

st pete - @cammyjham-1.png

Travel In Russia

You’ll have lots of free time in your semester — when you’re not teaching, every Saturday and Sunday, plus some vacation time that lets you see your city, other top spots in Russia and maybe even some trips outside of your country, like Lithuania, Sweden, and Ukraine. We’ve pulled some helpful info for you to read about travel in Russia and some awesome places to see:

Souvenir Shopping

No trip would be complete without some souvenir shopping right? Sometimes it’s helpful to know what kind of things you wang to buy and bring home before you even go — if you’re a planner, check out these posts about things to buy here: 

The LDS Church In Russia 

So there aren’t any LDS Temples in Russia (but you can visit LDS temples on vacation - like in Sweden!). In fact, the LDS church has some strict regulations in this country, but volunteers can still attend church each week, if they want. We’ve found a couple helpful posts to help explain what church is like in Russia: 

& A Little History 

I know, I know … Learning about history isn’t as exciting as taking dozens of pictures in front of those pretty Russian cathedrals… but this country has a loooooong history that has really influenced its culture. Here are some bite sized history lessons to help you learn more about Russia:

Did you get all that? It’s a lot to read but it’ll really help you be prepared for your semester (and learn a little bit more about what life is like in Russia). Oh, and for a couple more details about your semester, plus some pictures of darling Russian kiddos, click that button: 

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