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The Pros Of Doing A Spring Semester in Romania

Posted by Emily Cummings on 9/24/17 9:24 AM

Teaching English abroad with ILP

It will be cold during a spring semester in this Eastern European country … but that’s exactly why you should go! We’ve talked to an ILP volunteer who's been to Romania on a few different trips and she thinks that winter and spring seasons are the absolute best to be in Romania —  you’ll travel for cheaper, see the most amazing holidays and come home with the best pictures. 

Wanna see Romania for yourself? Come fill out an application and be a volunteer there with International Language Programs, (or ILP)!

You can go volunteer at a Romanian Orphanage with ILP all year round — we have semesters that happen in the Fall (so August to December), the Summer (May to August) and our slightly biased favorite, Spring … which happens in January and goes to April. Yep, you’ll be there in the most frigid parts of the year (it will warm up, I promise), but there really are some incredibly things that only happen in that semester!  Of course, Romania is worth seeing all year round, but here’s why Spring semester has some major pros:

  • It’s Way Cheaper
  • Think Of the Holidays 
  • No Crowds = Better Pictures 
  • Shop For These Souvenirs 
  • Soak Up The Snow

It’s Way Cheaper

If you want to look for ways to travel for less, lots of experts will tell you to travel during the off season — and for good reason. You’ll see much cheaper flights to other rad cities in Europe when you plan trips, cool places to vacation in Romania, and even be able to stay at cute bread and breakfast places or hostels for lots cheaper in the Spring Semester … because it’s the off season! Since everything is less expensive than it would be in other semesters, you might be able to see more on the weekends and on vacation. Yes, please!

Pst: Need help fundraising for a semester abroad? We have lots, and lots of ideas to help out — like how to raise $1,000 in a single weekend and 10 other ideas to raise money so you can make a difference in Romania. 

ILP Romania

Think Of the Holidays 

We’ve actually got an entire blog post dedicated to the holidays in Romania this time of the year. Ashley M., an ILP Romania alumna (of a couple of semesters!) says being in Romania during Orthodox Easter is reason enough to go in the spring. You’ll see incredibly painted Easter Eggs, yummmmmmy foods, beautiful church services, and some cool (and quirky) cultural customs. Seriously, this is one of the highlights of the year, and volunteers for Spring semester are the only ones who see it! 

Volunteer in a Romanian Orphanage with ILP

No Crowds = Better Pictures 

Remember how we talked about these months being the off season? That means you won’t need to battle crowds while sightseeing, hardly ever, if at all. Think about it: less time waiting in line, not overbooked tours, and NO ONE IN YOUR PICTURES. You’ll get stunning pics of just you in front of dreamy German castles and that Gondola ride in Italy. 

Wondering what to do with all those stunning pics? Here are a bunch of darling ways to use your favorite travel photos

ILP Europe

Shop For These Souvenirs 

Since it’ll be chilly out, you’l not only be able to shop for some pretty souvenirs, you can actually wear them throughout most of your semester. Think cozy but stunningly pretty scarves, cozy mittens and embroidered gloves, darling knitted hats to keep your head toasty, coats and boots and so much more.

Souvenirs in Eastern Europe

Soak Up The Snow

Ice hotels, ice sculptures, ice skating rinks and the chance to take dozen of snow-angel pictures with your group. Enjoy the frosted windows, pretty icicles and fluffy white snow and be grateful you’ll never need to battle pesky mosquitos while you tour Dracula’s Castle (and 4 other castles you can’t miss). Plus, the locals love to stay warm and toasty while inside, so you’ll always stay warm when you are inside, whether that’s in a cutie cafe, spending time with the kids at the orphanage or while taking a tour of a palace.


ILP Romanian Volunteers

Oh, and once you’ve totally fallen in love with the snow, it’ll be spring, where the whole country gets green and full of pretty, pretty blossoms. What a perfect way to end your semester, right?

Make a difference with ILP

In case you didn’t know, Romania is one of ILP’s humanitarian programs — but it’s super unique because you won’t be teaching, you’ll spend time giving one-on-one love to children who really need it. Hear all about it from some recent volunteers and get more details with this blog post and that green button: 

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