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The Best Guides In Yangshuo

Posted by Emily Cummings on 3/19/17 9:06 AM

ILP China

You gotta go to Yangshuo while you are volunteering in China…you just gotta. And while you are there make sure you do all the things — to help you out with that, here are some of our favorite guides you can hire for the day!

Oh, Yangshuo. How I love you. There’s a reason this vacation spot is practically every ILP China alumni’s favorite place. Picture ah-mazing days filled with bridge jumping, swimming in mud caves, drinking mango smoothies, seeing viewpoints like this and taking bamboo rafts down the Li River….yeah it’s basically an outdoor adventurer's dream. And there’s a lot to do here, if you couldn’t tell. Need help narrowing down what to see? Check out this complete guide to your trip in Yangshuo. I definitely recommend checking out some of the sites yourself, but a rad way to get the most out of Yangshuo is to hire a guide. 

Pst! Want spent more than just a week or two in China? How about living there as a volunteer? See what your life would be like in China by clicking that little link and think about taking vacations to places like Yangshuo and the Great Wall. 

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, onto our guides. Keep on reading to figure out what would best for your trip: 

  • Why Should I Get A Guide?
  • Spend the Day With Peter
  • Bike Around With Esther
  • Find Your Own Guide (With Some Help) 

Why Should I Get A Guide?

I know...whenever I hear the word "guide" or "tour" I immediately get turned off. But in Yangshuo you want one. You’ll get soooo much more out of your trip if you do. Sometimes as tourists we are on guard (or just annoyed at being swarmed by someone everywhere we go) so we push people away if they approach you and try to sell you something.  But having a guide with you is a really good way to see all the awesome things in and around the little town of Yangshuo. They're incredibly affordable, you get to support the locals as this is their job, and they'll show you places you wouldn't find on your own.

Courtney went to China with ILP and mentioned how her guide grew up in Yangshuo and shared some amazing and experiences you couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. So, think about getting the inside scoop, not planning a thing, and seeing some special sites by hiring a guide. 

ILP China

Spend the Day With Peter 

Mmmkay, onto our favorite guides. Loads of ILP alumni rave about Peter and how awesome he is. He’s so nice, and Angelina (another happy ILP China volunteer) said he made their trip to Yangshuo so worth it! You can rent bikes during your guided afternoon with Peter. Here’s his contact information (and this darling pictures) so you can let him know when you’re going to be in town. And yes, he speaks English!

Go to China with ILP


ILP China vacation time!

Bike Around With Esther

Esther’s a bit of celebrity with our volunteers as well - she even has her own blog post! Stacy (who has volunteered with ILP in this country twice now) has quite the story to tell about how Esther impacted not only her Yangshuo trip but her life. Make sure you read that post - it’s a good one.

McKenzie also volunteered in China and had loads to say about how Esther is “seriously the cutest little lady and so so sweet.” When you send her a message or call, she’ll tell you where to meet her (which is really easy to find) and you pick a bike and off you go. Esther shows you the stuff you want to see and do (like the mud caves) and the behind the scenes stuff. We love Esther! 

Live in China With ILP

Live in China as an ILP Volunteer

Find Your Own Guide (With Some Help) 

Obviously, there aren’t only 2 good guides in Yangshuo — lots of our volunteers have just bumped into their guide on the street and had a fabulous time. Most guides speak pretty good English and are eager to show you around this beautiful place. Hang around the walking streets (especially in the mornings, when guides are wanting to book for their day) and see if you run into someone.

Or, let your hostel take care of you. Past volunteers have mentioned how their hostels have done a great job arranging bicycle rental and helped them find a guide for the day. 

ILP China

Dying to see Yangshuo for yourself? Don't blame you — we've got tons of posts on our blog so you can get more China in your life and also make it easy to get any questions answered by talking to one of our ILP reps! 

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