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Take A Cruise Along The Moscow River!

Posted by Jen King on 10/23/18, 10:27 AM

our guide to Russia

Get a view of all Moscow has to offer by cruising the river, passing along many of the city's main attractions like St Basil's cathedral, a panorama of the Kremlin, and more!

It's something volunteers living in Moscow (and those visiting this rad city) should definitely check out. 

We have a guide all about volunteering in Russia that you might be interested in if you'd like to see more than you can in just a week or two!

We've got a long, long, long list of everything there is to do, see, eat (and more) in Russia — particularly in Moscow, Russia. If you'll be spending 1-3 days in Moscow (or longer), you'll want this guide to Moscow: It's full of tips like the best ways to shop, places to eat, and other things to do. 

But one way to see a lot is to take a river cruise! Here's what you should know:

  • Why It's So Cool
  • What Can I See?
  • When Is The Best Time To Go?
  • All The Info You Need

Why It's So Cool

If you're limited on time in Moscow, here's a great way to soak it all in in just a few short hours. If you're living in Moscow like many ILP volunteers, this is just a fun way to spend an afternoon and gives you a new perspective of your city.

Cruises run multiple times throughout the day, every day, so it's pretty easy to fit it into your schedule while you're out exploring. You can even book the tour in English so that you actually understand all the cool facts that the tour guide is explaining. 

ILP Adventure - Russia

What Can I See? 

You'll get to see Moscow's most famous buildings and sites like ...

  • St Basil's Cathedral (probably the most famous Russian building of all right?)
  • Kremlin panorama
  • Stalin's sky scrapers 
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior (the main church in all of Russia)
  • The famous stadium Luzhniki
  • Moscow State University
  • Gorky Park
  • Peter the Great Monument 
  • Former chocolate factory  — Red October
  • New Maiden Convent (one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Russia has some amazing UNESCO sites to see!)
  • White House

Here's A Highlight Or Two Of The Cruise 

Stalin's Seven Sister Buildings

Stalin had 7 impressive sky scrapers built to glorify the Soviet State after WWII and to rival the United State's sky scrapers. They certainly left their mark and are incredible to view. 

ILP Russia

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

This project was taken on in the 1800s, dedicated to Christ. After years and years of planning, building, and painting, Stalin approved its destruction due to the extreme cost and plans to build a monument here dedicated to Lenin and communism: The Palace of the Soviets. Nice, right? 

Ironically, there wasn't enough funds and planning to build the palace so a public swimming pool was suggested in its place.

It wasn't until 1990 that a more open government gave permission for the Russian Orthodox Church to restore this beautiful church which is what stands today.

Volunteering in Russia with ILP

The Kremlin

This gives you the backside view, but is just gorgeous any way you look at it. This massive wall encircles some of Moscow's most important religious and administrative buildings, and has for hundreds of years. Walking around it would be quite the challenge, but it's easy to admire as you lazily sail past. 

ILP Russia

Peter the Great Monument

This statue is HUGE. We're talking over 320 feet, huge. There's a little controversy here over this massive statue that will forever be standing because of the extreme cost it would take to dissemble it — so you may pick up on that if you book the English tour. 

ILP Adventure - Russia

When's The Best Time To Go?

A lot of cruise tours are open year round, making it a perfect thing to do no matter the weather. Don't let the snow discourage you from taking a cruise. There are inside seats and most cruises sell snacks. Grab a hot chocolate and enjoy!

All The Info You Need

There are tons of different options for river cruises. It can be hard to choose which one. Don't worry, we did the research for you. Here's a couple that we'd recommend — 

Moscow Sightseeing Tour

This is an awesome option if you want to see all the sites! You can use this as a "hop on, hop off" ride, which means you can hop off at a stop, explore, and then hop back on the next cruise. Pretty nice if you want to see more. 

Price: The price is usually 14 USD. It can vary a bit and sometimes there are discounts, so double check while booking. 

Length: The actual cruise is 1.5 hours. 

When Does It Leave?: Every day between April and October. The hours depend on what pier you are getting on at. Count on about every hour.  

How To Get There: Again, depends on what pier you are getting on. Look at this website to get detailed directions.

Website: Here is the website for more details and a place to order tickets.

Moscow Luxury Cruise

Price: 26 USD

Length: About 2.5 to 3 hours depending on traffic in the river

How To Get There: You'll meet at the Kievskiy Vokzal Pier.
Here is the address: Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya, 2, Moscow, Russia, 121059

Follow this link and put in your address (once you're in Russia). It will give you directions right to the pier. 

When Does It Leave?: Here are the days and times it leaves. 

1:30 pm Saturday, Sunday
3 pm Monday - Friday
7 pm Monday - Friday

Tickets: Buy your tickets here.

Website: Here is the website for more details! 

Quick tip: You can cancel tickets 24 hours in advance for a refund! Keep that in mind if your plans happen to change. 

Cruise in Moscow, Russia - ILP

Interested in learning more about how you can live in Russia next semester? It's easy when you're volunteering with ILP (International Language Programs). Teach English, have free time to explore your city and have every weekend off (plus vacation time) to see even more. Come speak with someone who already volunteered abroad and get all your questions answered: 

 Text Me! I've Got Questions

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