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*This* Is Why We Love Living In Thailand

Posted by Cherish Germaine on 1/27/17, 9:32 AM

ILP Thailand

Wondering what it's really like to spend some time in Thailand? This sweet story sums it all up! 

If you've wanted the chance to visit Thailand, we have news for you — you can actually spend an entire semester in this gorgeous country (you'll be able to see way more than you would on just a short trip there). You'll be living in Thailand, teaching English part time and having weekend adventures (you have every Saturday and Sunday) and exploring new cities and new countries on vacation ...  Sounds pretty unbeatable, right? 


Thailand is an incredible place full of some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Don't believe me? Danielle, an ILP volunteer, shared a small story that really captures the experience of living in Thailand for a semester. 

"Living in Thailand, our main form of transportation is by bike. One day me and a couple other girls from our school wanted to ride our bikes to the grocery store. Along the way my bike suddenly stopped working, we had no idea what was wrong with it or how to fix it. We pulled over to the side of the road where a couple nearby construction workers, and their families, noticed we were struggling with the bike. Without hesitation they came over and tried fixing it.

"None of these people spoke English or knew anything about us but that didn't stop them. All they saw was someone who needed help and that's all they needed. Before we knew it we had several people who were passing by stop to try and help us. Thankfully, we got the bike working again. We thanked them all in the little Thai that we knew and went on our way. It was amazing how quickly these people came to help, I had never seen anything like it. Thailand truly is the land of smiles."

Thailand help with bike.jpeg

Want to hear more stories from our volunteers in Thailand? Click here to read ILP volunteers personal blog posts about their experiences living in Thailand — we also have lots and lots of advice from past volunteers to help out. Jen, an ILP volunteer wrote all about what she wished she knew before going to Thailand. 

Also — Thailand's a very popular country to volunteer in but we have some tried and true tests to help you get a Thailand spot right here (Spoiler — one of the best tips is to apply early!) 

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