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10 Reasons Disneyland Shanghai Is A Huge Hit!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 12/5/17 12:32 PM

China does a lot of things right, but Disneyland in Shanghai is one of our newest obsessions! With everything you can do in China, you wouldn't think Disneyland would be one of ILP China volunteers favorite vacation spots, but it is! There are many reasons we love Disneyland Shanghai, but these are the top 10.

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Topics: China, Travel Destinations

What To Expect The Week You Leave On Your ILP Trip

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 12/4/17 2:32 PM

We know the most stressful week as an ILP volunteer is the one you leave, so here is some details of what to expect!

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Topics: Semester Preparation, ILP Basics

A Complete Guide To Birthday Freebies

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 12/3/17 2:15 PM

It's your birthday! It's your birthday! We're gonna party like's it's your birthday! But, for real. Birthdays are the best and they only get better when you get all kinds of free stuff. Take advantage of all these freebies below and make the day epic (and full of a lot of food)!

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Topics: Saving Money

Our Chill Travel Playlist For Your Next Flight

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/2/17 10:45 AM


Getting ready for a train ride, bus ride or flight? Lucky you because you're going somewhere exciting! Unfortunately those long trips can be a bit ... long! Having things to do is key and music can be super helpful to help pass the time  —come check out this playlist we made, just for you.

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Travel Tips, Life Abroad, Finding Your Best Self

Don't Rely On Gmail In China...Here's Why!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 12/1/17 2:06 PM

If you're planning on taking online classes or keeping in touch while living in China for a semester, here's one travel hack you don't want to miss. Picking the right email domain can make or break your experience!

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Topics: China, Travel Tips, Build Your Resume

Learn More About Christ This Christmas

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/30/17 2:03 PM

Want to really get into the Christmas season by studying Christ? We’ve put together a month’s worth of challenges so you can cross that goal off your to-do list … and get started on your goals of volunteering and traveling the world.

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Topics: LDS

5 Yoga Poses For Beginners

Posted by Auvi Evans on 11/29/17 5:32 PM

Yoga can be an amazing way to de-stress, unwind, find balance and find peace. There are tons of classes, online info, YouTube videos and more to help you really get into it and learn new poses. For now, here are 5 suuuuper easy poses for beginners.

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Topics: Finding Your Best Self

10 Must See Places in Thailand

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/28/17 10:28 AM

We know Thailand is on your bucket list, but what in the world are you supposed to see? You’d hate to travel all the way there and realize that you missed one of the 10 must see places … We’ve talked to our ILP volunteers who are living in Thailand about the things you’ve got to see while you're here.

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Topics: Travel Destinations, Thailand

Did You Hear About How The DR Volunteers Helped Fundraise To Build A Home?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/27/17 1:52 PM

We love how these volunteers from the Dominican Republic decided to help out someone they really loved — Tamaris, the sweet cook!

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Topics: Making a Difference, Dominican Republic

How To Make ILP Fit In With Your BYU-I Track

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/26/17 12:27 PM

If you didn’t know, students at BYU-Idaho go to school on their own unique three track semester system which has some serious pros, especially when it comes to volunteering with ILP. We’ve put this blog post together to show you that you’ve totally got options if you want to volunteer with us, even if you’re stuck going to school on the BYU-Idaho tracks that are different from a typical semester timeline at other universities.

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Student Hacks

Exploring The World For Over 25 Years

Over the years of assisting more than 6,000 volunteers in their desire to travel and make a difference in the lives of others, ILP has seen what works and what doesn't.

We've gathered our tips here for making your semester abroad a successful one.


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