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Making Friends In China (Even Though You Don't Speak The Language!)

Posted by Cherish Germaine on 1/27/17 9:49 AM

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Every semester, we hear tons and tons of stories about living life in a different country .... and about that (sometimes) tricky language barrier. 

Although it can be a little challenging at times to communicate if you don't speak the language, all our ILP volunteers figure out pretty quickly that you can still form friendships and relationships with those in your community even if you don't speak the same language! Seriously, I made it through two semesters in China without speaking Mandarin. 

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Living In China (And Not Speaking Chinese) 

"I know no Chinese, other than hello, goodbye, and counting to ten. So as you can imagine, trying to live in China with only this much knowledge of their language is difficult.

"From ordering food, getting directions, or paying for something, to dealing with Chinese teachers, trying to figure out that your first grader is about to wet himself, and a whole lot more, not being able to speak the Chinese language has been difficult.

"But...The friends I've made are still friends, no matter the language. My first graders love me, although they can hardly understand anything I say. Our Chinese coordinator has become a best friend to some of us. He laughs at everything, maybe because he doesn't understand or thinks we're funny, but it makes it all so fun.

"At lunch and sometimes dinner, I sit by an old man. I don't know his name, or anything about him, only that he works somewhere at the school. He first sat by me because he had nowhere else to sit. Now we've taken turns sitting by each other. We sit down, say hello, eat our food, stand up and say goodbye, and that is all, yet everyday we do this, he leaves with a smile, and so do I.

"I'd like to call this man my friend, and yet I don't even know his name. Speaking different languages creates a lot of confusion, but the international language of smiling and other emotions can still be read by all. China has taught me this, and taught me to enjoy the little things, and to be kind and smile at everyone. Not one word needs to be said, and yet you can still make friends."

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We also have more tips on how to get around without speaking Mandarin to help you out ... it all just adds to the adventure! 

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