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How To Get To The Leshan Buddha

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/10/18 11:38 AM

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Anyone want to see the biggest Buddha in the entire world? It’s massive, it’s enormous, it’s impressive, and it’s definitely worth seeing. Here’s the easiest ways for our ILP volunteers to get there and see it for themselves.

You’ll see Buddhas all over in China — statues, carvings, amulets, even fruit is carved into this iconic shape, but one Buddha takes the cake when it comes to size. The Leshan Buddha is the biggest Buddha in the entire world. Yep, in the whole world (nicely done, China!). If you’d like to see this site for yourself, first you gotta get yourself to China.

We can help with that; ILP sends college-aged volunteers abroad to places like China all the time. See what life is like in China right here.

Now that you’ll be living in China for a semester and will be having all sorts of adventures with ILP, here’s the info you need to know about getting to the Leshan Buddha. 

  • Get To Chengdu 
  • Take A Bullet Train 
  • Taxi To The Buddha 
  • Take Alllll The Pictures 

Get To Chengdu 

Chengdu is a city in the mid western part of this country and is also a favorite spot for ILP vacations (yep, volunteers get every weekend off and vacation time in their vacation to site-see. Pretty great, yeah)? If you didn’t know Chengdu, is the place for you to see the Giant Pandas in China. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to fly or even take a train into Chengdu, so if you’re not living there, not a problem. 

We love arranging travel in China via ctrip.com. Oh, and here’s how to book a train ticket in China hassle free. That’ll come in handy. 

Volunteers in China

Take A Bullet Train 

After you hang out in Chengdu for a bit (we recommend it), take a bullet train over to Leshan. All of the train stations in Chengdu are at metro stops so they are really easy to find and to get to. If you take the bullet train, it’s only about an hour train ride (or less). 

There's 4 train stations in Chengdu, but Chengdu East and Chengdu South are the ones you'll want to leave from. Again you can go to ctrip.com and book your train ticket ahead of time to make it easy if you want. Bonus tip: make sure you double check which train station you're leaving from when you book your ticket. If you search trains from Chengdu South to Leshan, they'll still have trains from Chengdu East pop up because they also go to Leshan and they just want you to see all your options. It really doesn't matter which one you leave from, but if you're staying close to one of the stations you might want to make sure you're leaving from that particular station.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 1.22.27 PM.png

Taxi To The Buddha 

Once your train arrives at the Leshan station, it’s just a short taxi ride to where the Leshan Buddha Park is. You can also take a city bus (bus #3), but it’s so close, that a taxi is going to be faster (more convenient) and won’t cost that much extra, especially if you split the fare with your ILP group.  Once you get to the park, it’s just around $14 USD to get inside and start oggling at the huge Buddha. 

Teach English in China with ILP

Take Alllll The Pictures 

I mean, this thing took about 90 years to build, so take a few minutes to soak it all in, from a couple different angles. See if you can count all 1,021 buns coiled atop its massive head. Get a little more detail about the park by reading all about Cherish’s adventure in Leshan (one of our ILP China volunteers). 

Teach English in China

These pictures are great, but it’s nothing like seeing the real thing … something you can totally do if spend a semester volunteering with ILP in China! Think about it — Teaching english to cute kids part time (no experience necessary), traveling and adventuring with a group of fellow volunteers and actually living in a foreign country. You’ll get all this for an affordable price, especially if you want to volunteer with your spouse. ILP’s got a deal running that you can both to China for the price of one person. Can’t beat that, right?

Get all your ILP questions answered by getting in touch with one of representatives (they’d love to tell you all about our program and how cool China is). 

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