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Hiking To Tiger Cave Temple In Krabi, Thailand

Posted by Jen King on 5/9/16 7:00 AM

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Planning a trip to Krabi, Thailand? Can I come? But seriously, if you're looking for a guide, I'd first send you to the beach of course, but then I'd tell you about this really incredible hike that shouldn't be missed.

Here's a total guide to volunteering in Thailand - it's got answers to all your questions like, "What's a typical day like?"

There are more than a few reasons why Krabi, Thailand is one of the best places to vacation. I mean, if you're into Harry Potter Hostels, some bomb food and beautiful beaches, you'll love Krabi. If hiking in the Thai islands sounds like an adventure you need, you must check out  — Tiger Cave Temple! 

What Is Tiger Cave Temple?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there's no tigers along this hike so the name is a bit misleading. However there are plenty of monkeys so yep, it's going to be an adventure.

What is it? Well it's an incredibly steep hike (1260 stairs to be exact), straight up a mountain. The thai humidity is going to make you feel like you're doing a stairstepper in a sauna. If you're adventurous enough to not be scared off by that, you're gonna love this. 



Any Tips For Hikers? 

Go early in the morning! Thailand is hot and humid and this hike is no joke. It's a workout. The morning is really the best time of day temperature-wise pretty much year round. 

Bring water.

Watch out for the monkeys. They're smart. They know you've got food in your backpack and they know how to unzip your bag and run. So, if you're bringing a treat for yourself, keep your backpack close to you at all times cause you never know what a monkey thief will strike.

Don't rush yourself. The stairs are steep  and the heat can make you feel a bit disoriented. Thankfully there is a railing you can always hold on to if need be.


How to get there

First, get yourself to Krabi — you can take a direct flight from Bangkok. Plus, Krabi is less crowded than the more famous Phuket (ILP volunteers in Thailand tend to like Krabi better anyways). 

Once in Krabi, just ask a tuk-tuk driver to take you there or you can find multiple tour companies around the city that can arrange a ride for you. It's a well known spot so shouldn't be hard.  It's usually cheapest to arrange someone who will drop you off and bring back (rather than looking for a ride back once you're with the hike). If you want to leave early in the morning, it's a good idea to arrange your ride the day before.

ILP Thailand

Have so much fun on your vacation in Thailand! You'll probably find our Thailand Destination Guide useful for your trip.

You know what's even better than a vacation in Thailand though? Living there for a semester! ILP provides volunteer opportunities in Thailand and you have an entire semester abroad to travel and explore Thailand. A week or two is definitely not enough time to explore this beautiful country if you ask me! 

Here's what it takes to volunteer with ILP, but feel free to click below to see more Thailand (caution, cute pictures of kids ahead!) and get more info: 

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