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Everything To Know About Chimelong Adventure Park In Guangzhou, China

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/15/18 11:47 AM

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It's no secret that we're a little obsessed with China because there's so many unique finds of fun things to do everywhere you look. The Chimelong Adventure Parks (located in Guangzhou) are just one of those!  Here's why you've gotta visit when you're in southern China.

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From riding elephants, to adrenaline pumping roller coasters, water stunt shows and fire rings jumps, the Chimelong Parks offers plenty of adventures. Of course it will have a Chinese twist which makes everything way better.

Chimelong has five different parks you can check out, which means there is a ton to do. Here's a little info about each park so you and your ILP group can figure out where you'd like to visit when you're vacationing.

What Parks Are There To Visit At Chimelong?

  • Chimelong Paradise
  • Chimelong Water Park
  • Chimelong Safari Park
  • Chimelong Circus
  • Chimelong Birds Park

Chimelong Paradise

This park is a classic amusement park with Chinese flare. It feels like you've been transported to a colorful, magical, cartoon land and it's pretty awesome. There are a lot of big rides to get your heart pumping and smaller rides if you want to take it easy. Have fun and soak it the unique, and sometimes a bit cheesy parts of this park! Your ILP group will make some pretty unforgettable memories here. 

Admission: 250 CNY ($39 USD)

Don't Miss These Things

  • Ride the Ten Inversion Roller Coaster (it has the world record for most inversions in the shortest distance!)
  • Watch Lumberjack Show where you can see wood chopping, axe throwing, and more!
  • Ride the "Drop Tower" and fall 118 feet in the air
  • Ice Skate on the "dazzling ice"
  • Eat at the Hawaii Restaurant - it might be the only Hawaiian food in all of China!

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Chimelong Waterpark

Admission: 200 CNY ($31 USD)

This water park is the perfect place to cool off in the warmer weather. You'll find lots of water slides, a wave pool, hot tubs, a lazy river, massage pools, and more. They also have shows throughout the park like the African Drum Show and a Water Electro-Music shows which has flying trapeze tricks!

Chimelong Safari Park

Welcome to the animal park of your dreams! There are many animals here and many ways to interact with them. At feeding time you can help feed animals like tigers, elephants, giraffes and coy fish. You can also take pictures with koalas, ride elephants, take cable care rides, and even jump on a safari ride around the park.

The Safari Train

The Safari Train is one of the favorite things about the park and lets you get up close and personal with many animals. 

Hannah H. said this about the safari:

"The safari train is AWESOME. Free roaming giraffes, camels, kangaroos, etc. It's like going through a whole zoo but they're just walking around your car.
I would highly recommend bringing little nuts or berries or bread! A lot of the animals are free roaming or in close range to you so if you brought food you could easily feed them."
Riding Elephants
Is getting up close and personal with elephants on your bucket list? Check it out in China! Visit the Elephant Park and catch a ride on the back of these ginormous animals. Prices are about $24 for two people to ride and $16 for one person to ride. 

Take The Cable Car

Ride the glass bottomed cable cars that are designed to be silent, meaning you can get right into the animal's habitat and not disturb them. The cable car is only 3 feet from the ground at some points so you really can get close to the pandas, giraffes, zebras, and other animals.

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Chimelong Circus

Admission: 300 CNY ($48 USD)

This circus will be unlike any circus you've seen in the US. We're talking a ginormous circus tent, hippos, lots of fire and fireworks, penguins, and daring stunts. It will leave you in awe and make you grateful you're not high up in the air like the trapeze artists. 

Chimelong Bird Park

Admission: 100 CNY ($15 USD)

A park full of more species of birds than you knew existed! Walk through the board walks to spot some beautiful birds, watch the show where flamingos dance, hold parrots, and take a boat ride through the water to spot new birds.

They also have a Crocodile Zone where you can watch "the most dangerous show in China" as the crocodile tamers put their hands inside the crocodiles mouths (um, no thanks!) and show off tricks they've taught them. 

How do I get there?

The parks are located in the major city of Guangzhou, which is in southern China. If you're volunteering with ILP in Zhongshan, this is a perfect weekend trip for you as it's just about a 30-60 min train ride to get into the city or if you're heading down south to vacation in Yangshuo, you might pass through Guangzhou on your way. 

This website will give you directions to the park from anywhere in the city. Just make sure to check out the park hours when planning your trip.

Want to do all 5 parks? Their website recommends this 3 day itinerary!

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