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Cool Things To Help You Get Past The Language Barrier

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/14/17, 9:40 PM

ILP China

Not everyone who travels understands and speaks the local language of the country they're visiting (but thanks to these apps, that's not a problem).

Not speaking the language might complicate travel a bit — Charades work well and so does pulling out a pocket size phrase book, but what if you are in a hurry and need an answer fast?

Don't fret! Whether you find yourself in China, Ukraine or any of the other countries ILP sends volunteers to, these cool products can help you out.

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  • Iconspeak
  • Hiero Band
  • Point it


Iconspeak is an awesome company which makes it easy to communicate. They have shirts, phone cases and bags with 40 different universal symbols on them. The symbols are simple drawings and range from ambulances, to toilets to phones. If you need to find the nearest bathroom, simply walk up to a local and point to the picture of a toilet.This is an awesome way to find things quick!

I love that they have a phone case with the symbols so that you conveniently have them with you all the time (because I know  you don't go anywhere without your phone).


Point It

Point it is a book full of 1,300 pictures that you can point at to communicate. It's passport sized which makes it super convenient for traveling when you don't have a lot of space. Throw this in your pocket and you're good to go! AND It's less than $10.00!

ILP Thailand

Heiro Band

Heiro Band is a bracelet that helps you be understood.  Each of the 11 beads has a universal symbol that you can use to show people what you are trying to say. Money, travel, phone, medical, water, bike, food, bus, bathroom, bed/shelter and gas are the essentials the bracelet shows. These are super rad and a really cool travel accessory. We're obsessed! 

ILP China

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